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  1. My dad brought up a really good point the other day. He asked what people used waaay back when, before tin foil was invnted, to cover the shisha and "transfer heat". Did they just put coals right on the shisha?
  2. moses_moselle

    Any Libertarians Out There?

    maybe i should change this title to "anyone who wants the government to not control our lives"
  3. moses_moselle

    Any Libertarians Out There?

    Thomas Jefferson was the man. end of story.
  4. moses_moselle

    Any Libertarians Out There?

    well. in the true definitions, yes. I agree with you. In that case consider me liberal, liberal as in the original liberals. Before a liberal became a republicna..and so much confusion resulting in our two major parties being the exact same thing however, my Todays standards i am a libertarian.
  5. moses_moselle

    Any Libertarians Out There?

    ...thats impossible.
  6. moses_moselle

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    Swansea, Ill. Also, 15 min away from the STL.
  7. moses_moselle

    Obama Meter

    Here are my two cents. Bush - crap Obama - crap The difference = Obama was honest with his policies. You KNEW what you were getting. America wanted semi-socialism, America gets semi-socialism. Obama didnt lie about what he was going to do, he was very honest. Bush, however, campaigned on NO Nation Building and smaller government. .... I think we ALL know what went wrong there.
  8. I've only had a few BUT. The best is fantasia cuban mojito coincidentally , the only fantasia flavor i like. SB X on the beach is alright.
  9. moses_moselle

    Wts/wtt (2) 34in Km Ice

    I'm Pming you an offer.
  10. moses_moselle

    Lookin For A New Hose

    I have 2 small blue nammors, i don't necessarily wan't to sell them, but if you had something i would want in a trade i would part with one of them.
  11. moses_moselle

    Best Bargain 2 Hose Hookah?

    QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Mar 22 2009, 11:45 AM) Here's the MZ you'd wanna get http://www.socialsmoke.com/item--Gemini-II...HOOKAHGM02.html Here's the QT http://www.nazarhookah.com/index.php?main_...products_id=300 Nazar has an extra 10-15% off Mya hookah sale going on this week but they don't sell the adapters. You could call Mahir and see if he has any that aren't listed on the site though. Thanks! Both those look nice. However, it seems Nazar has the QT out of stock right now. Also, would both those hookah's work with nammor hoses?
  12. I posted earlier inquiring about what KM pipe to upgrade to. I decided to wait until Hookah Company gets their new stock in before deciding. In the meantime, i will also be looking for a well functioning cheaper two hose hookah. Size does not matter, but smaller is defiently prefered. I know they dont smoke as well, but i have a couple extra quality hoses, and would like to have a more social/portable option in my stable. Again, I dont want to pay any more than 60 dollars, so im not expecting the best quality, just the most servicable for the price. Thank you!
  13. I see you benefited from my post. : ) Well. i was hoping i was going to get a half priced hookah from him, since i did start the thread( im still waiting for a response), but regardless good luck with your KM's and Congrats....also let us know how they are!
  14. moses_moselle

    Buying My 3rd Hookah, Need Help.

    TheHookah.com, I have messaged and emailed the company saying i would be more than willing to accept your challenge.