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  1. Rubi-WAC

    How To Stop The Smell....

    Put them all in ziplock bags.
  2. Rubi-WAC

    Yes Or No On The Piercing I Want!

    Never seen that piercing before, but I like it. I think it would look better if it was right in the middle of the collar bone, or down in the clevage. Up higher looks better to me, but anywhere in the middle looks a little out of place. I say go for it, do what you will.
  3. Rubi-WAC

    $133.45 Well Spent

    That is a nice looking order. I want to know how good that Layalina Jasmine is QUOTE (symptom CY @ May 25 2007, 07:08 PM) I feel ya man -- these jerks have been making me blow all my money on shisha for over a year now. I spent about $120 today too -- Tangiers Lemon Blossom, kilo of Kashmir Peach, Layalina Mangosteen, Passion Fruit, Esk. Apple and Apricot. And a box of 40mm 3 kings... Also, symptom, I only found one review, but how good is that Layalina Mangosteen? I am thinking about ordering both of these.
  4. Rubi-WAC

    Excited About New Hookah

    Thats a badass looking hookah. Have fun with it. Where did you order it from?
  5. Rubi-WAC

    2012 Prophecies

    Ok, besides all the religious views and Mayan calendar skepticism, there are some scientific probabilities that could occur on Dec. 21, 2012. In the first time since 2001, on Dec 21, the sun's magnetic poles will switch. This also happens to be when Jupiter and Saturn are lined up closest to the sun. When the two largest planets of our solar system are lined up with the sun, it creates magnificant disturbance in the sun's magnetic concentricity field. These two events can cause solar flares. They have a good possibility of being very large. Even a small one's radiation that comes in contact with Earth can cause a whole continent to go without electrical power. At the same time, our solar system will be crossing over the Milky Way's Galactic Equator. The imaginary line is still a theory, but since there is a massive black hole in the middle of the Milky Way, crossing this equator could switch magnetic fields. Therefore, Earth's magnetic poles could move substantially. This equator also is the point in our galaxy where mass is maximized. More mass is more gravity equals the potential for greater solar flares. So all of this could lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, very high tides, increase melting of polar icecaps, and solar flares that could affect Earth. Something will happen, it could be a massive change, or a very little one. We still do not know what will happen when our solar system goes through this date. We have never seen this many possibilities all in the same short time period. Hell, science just discovered many of these possibilities and theories within the past decades. I'm pumped and can not wait to find out what will happen.
  6. Anyone that has a Khalil Mamoun, how well does the purge release valve work on them? Does it have a ball bearing in there. Is it easily replaceable?
  7. Rubi-WAC

    Stargate Finger Coals

    Stargate Coals: A: Heat up the same time if not faster than Canary Golden Japs on the stove B: I was surprised how many of these coals I actually had to use. I would figure they would be hotter. They last awhile though. Thats a plus. C: They are just solid bars. I put about 2 one-inch to start the bowl and then about another inch of them to keep it going. D: There is a lot more ash than a EZ Jap E: Smells like a campfire, some people may not like it, but I do. F: I do not like using these with Tangiers. Any cheap brand they work great on.
  8. Rubi-WAC

    The New Tangiers Head

    I actually bought one from him, so when I receive mine I will you all know how good it is.
  9. QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ May 18 2007, 07:36 PM) hmm well that doesn't make too much sense.. actually the colder the water, the less nicotine is absorbed and visa versa.. Yea I am on the same boat. I would assume the warmer water would retain more of the nicotine (if any) and flavor than cold water. I just happen to get my best flavor with warm water.
  10. Rubi-WAC

    Scalli Mod

    QUOTE (teq @ May 18 2007, 06:16 PM) I don't mean to rock the boat, but what exactly does the mod aim to accomplish? It appears to impede airflow, which seems counterproductive to the funnel. All it does is just re-direct the airflow through the shisha and then to the funnel. Other wise the heat airflow just passes over the shisha and then into the funnel. There are certain brands that I perfer (ex. Tangiers) to not use the mod. Then there are brands like Layalina or Smiley's to use the mod, because they are more wet and I think need that heat to pass through the shisha.
  11. Yea, I have found the exact rubber stoppers from SocialSmoke at Home Depot or Lowes. Haven't found and grommets though, that would be nice.
  12. Those are some tight ice cubes. I never use ice in the base anymore. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but everytime I just put room temperature water in my vase, the flavor comes out more. The hot smoke in contact with very cold water seems like too much of a dramatic change molecularly. Does anyone else get better flavor like this or am I crazy as hell?
  13. Rubi-WAC

    Small Bowl

    This bowl from HookahCompany is perfect for around 30-45 min sessions. Never use it anymore, but it you would like, let me know. I know Tangiers is coming out with a new bowl idea for non-Tangiers' tobacco. It might be pretty small in diameter, I would ask him. Also, I pack my small Tangiers funnel bowl with the glass scalli mod, about 1/2 full for a short session. I do that most the time just to test out flavors. Just go for anything shallow. Hope this helps.
  14. Rubi-WAC

    Mya Diva Awesome

    I had that plastic taste for the first couple of time when I smoked my new hookah as well. If you have a MYA hose, or a washable with the plastic paper inside the tubing, that could be the cause of that. It goes away fast.
  15. Rubi-WAC

    The Ultimate Fighter

    QUOTE (txhookahman @ May 18 2007, 12:45 AM) Yea but look at your title. The Ultimate Fighter. djbomberto is right, this doesn't belong in this category. Look at the topics man, bowls, ashtrays, hookahs, not i think i saw somone smoking a hookah on a tv show. Wrong place man! Hahaha. Then I will be sure to PM you when I am unsure which folder to post this in. I believe it was a fighter that had been disqualified. He might of been the only smoking. It's a pretty tight hookah though, but yes, it looks like a pain in the ass to clean. Oh, and I guess I should apologize for talking about a hookah related topic on a television show in a hookah discussion category.