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    Home-made Shisha

    this may be old may be a repost but i didn't see it. most of the shisha you're getting in the states is made with flavorings, however using whole fruits is very easy and very tasty, i learned a bit while deployed, whatever tobacco u can get works, wash it, it does help, then dry it a little, ad you're honey or molasses which ever they both work. now take you're fruit equal or more than u have tobacco, oranges and such include the skin much of the base oils are in the skin of the fruit mix all this stuff together,i.e. a bunch of fruit tobacco and ur sweetener simmer this concoction then cook it then simmer some more than bake some more when it smells like the fruit and is thick like semi hardened concrete ur pretty good, now let it cool add glycerin until it is wet like your store brand shisha, or u can go real old school as i've seen in a few of these countries and soak a whole tobacco leaf in wine and smoke it still wet, this is also good, i cant really give measurements as i've never measured play and experiment you know the basics
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    no originality?? over head cams were used in the 30s, fuel injection, air bag suspension, disc brakes, heated seats, turbos, super chargers, even nitrous oxide all used prior to 1950, actually very little new has been developed in the past 30 years, yes it gotten better and more efficient but the basics were laid along time ago, and why reprive an old thread because I Love Cars. good discussion.
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    i'm readin through this post and mostly what i see is blah blah blah this import turd and blah blah blah this new american turd, there all turd's i've owned one car that is newer than a 71 it was a 89 cavalier and guess what it was a turd no good cars have been built in the past 30 years ah at that yeah i've drivin plenty of new cars, I'm a repo man i drive about 10 a week, all turds, currently own a 71 gmc a 68 chevy c-10, 40 Ford p-up, 32 ford roadster, a few indians, harleys, and an old front engine dragster, and that's just what runs so all in all there all shit just different kinds
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    Alabama Al Smokers.

    Montgomery, looks like i'm the only one in this god for saken state