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  1. [quote name='Hassouni' date='03 May 2010 - 04:52 PM' timestamp='1272901962' post='466482'] Two recommendations: 1. There's a big shisha shop just off Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Al-Mazaya center, next to a restaurant called Istanbul Flower. If you're on SZR, it's a bit past Burj Khalifa on the opposite side of the steet 2. There are numerous shisha stores in Deira near the spice souq and gold souq...Best bet is for them to just spot one if they're going to the souqs there. At worst, just ask around For flavors, if you want AF, tell them to get it from the airport because it's incredibly cheap [/quote] I used to live in Dubai. I know the shop your talking about its quite good deffo got a lot of good tobacco not sure about pipes. If we are thinking of the same place its a lone building with Safestway on the front (havent lived there in a few years might be different) The smoke shop is around the back. However for pipes I prefer Satwa to Deira. I have got a few KMS from there and they are all very good, there is a wide selection but it depends how well you know the area as Satwa is deffo less tourist friendly than souqs. Just make sure they stay away from buying from the malls (Esp Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall) as the majority of shops in there sell cheap chinese crap pipes.
  2. Whats your identifer? Just click the friends tab at the bottom right hand side and then you can add either on e-mail or on account name?
  3. The cracked AI is rubbish tho and you cant play online. Tyler we should play a few games.. if your interested PM me.
  4. I got a key a few weeks ago. Its really good. ive massed quite a few games, nearly 100. currently playing Zerg after switching from random. anyone on here should hit me up for a few games. my account name is Zerosen.red and im on the american server as well. As for screen shots, there are loads of videos etc PSU. Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/HDstarcraft and www.livestream.com/cecil give videos, audios and im sure you can get links to screen shots etc
  5. [quote name='Arcane' date='26 February 2010 - 08:09 PM' timestamp='1267214996' post='454036'] 6. having friends around me all the time. [/quote] +1 on that one mate.
  6. I always use a foil one I do have a proper one but I find it really hard to use for heat management, it usually makes it too hot, although I got mine in anticipation of summer when im outside.
  7. Applewood Smoked Chedar is my favourite either that or cheddar. I love cheese.
  8. Just under 25, thats quite low for canada isnt it? Why was it so low? Ive seen people charged 100's. EDIT: O yea, nice order!
  9. The only time ive had any trouble is when I had my tongs that had a metal spike on them. As long as its checked in you will be ok. If in doubt call your airline and ask them beforehand. I dunno if things will be tigher in America since that Nigerian guy got caught.
  10. It will all be ok in your checked in bags. Just make sure your tongs dont have spike on them as they often flag that and check you at the other end. Ive flown UAE - UK and UK - Portugal with stuff like that in my checked in bags and it was all ok.
  11. [quote name='ih303' date='05 February 2010 - 01:53 PM' timestamp='1265378007' post='449876'] I can vouch for this one. AF is hands down the juciest tobacco I've come across. Combine that with their new shitty "soggy saw dust" cut, and you have a recipe for disaster. The good news is, for whatever reason, that new cut seems to show up only randomly. Most of the AF we get at the lounge still has their traditional cut. If you find some of the other, finer cut, good luck. I've never been able to get that to smoke as well as the other. The problem with finely-cut, juicy tobacco is there is really no way to make it "fluffy" without drying it out first. It just seems to clump together. I've actually used an entire 50g on a small phunnel and STILL had room to spare. The first rule is USE A PHUNNEL. I absolutely dread packing AF in anything other than a phunnel - even an egyptian. It's too wet and clogs the holes like no other. If you have to use something other than a phunnel, blow it out before smoking it. Granted, you'll spend the first five minutes of smoking trying to clear out the scorched, throat melting harshity caused by all the juices that flew to the underside of the foil. I haven't found a way around this. The second rule is USE LESS HEAT. I find the jucier the tobacco, the less heat I need to get it really smoking. On a small phunnel, I generally start with three CH Nats, but inevitably pull one off shortly after start. Two coals seem to keep the juciest of AF flavors going for a long time. Two more thoughts - First, we have a decent selection of AF flavors at the lounge and I've noticed that juciness and cut is by no means consistent across all the flavors. I think it's a batch thing. Second, when dealing with kilos and 250's, make sure you alway stir it up prior to use. It may be tempting to use the dryer stuff on the top, but when you get down to the soup at the bottom, you'll think differently. I'm not gonna lie, I have dried out AF numerous times with paper towels before loading, especially in the smaller bowls. It's always an option. [/quote] EDIT: Thanks I have left the tubs out over night to see if it changes anything. It seems some of the juices have gone but its still damn juicy. How long do you keep it with 3 CH Nats? Im between 3 for like 5-10 mins and then two with a windcover for the rest of the sesssion.. If it changes ill have to try drying it out with a paper towel...Its weird how the mint is perfect and smokes amazing but the grape/orange are both dripping..
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