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  1. PJCrusader

    Your Go To Pipe?

    I have a few pipes, but my favorite is definitely my churchwarden.  I don't have a picture of it as I am at work, but I found this which looks exactly like it     What pipe is your go to?
  2. PJCrusader

    Wade's Huge Sale. Everything Must Go!

    Do you have any of the bowls left?
  3. PJCrusader

    I Quit Smoking Hookah

    I had quit smoking hookah for the last few months due to working a new longer shift and starting to work out and lose weight.  I just came back to it again after about 8 months of not smoking.  For me it was all due to time though.  Working 10-11 hour days doesn't leave much time for anything aside from eating and sleeping haha.  
  4. PJCrusader

    So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

    If you still need some GCs I can send you some.  I haven't touched mine really.  
  5. PJCrusader

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Currently vaping Indigo The Duke 18mg.  It tastes about as close to combustion as you can get.  
  6. PJCrusader

    Bye Bye, Sybian...

    Well guys, sorry I was the one who sent em on this way.  At the time I didn't realize he would go off topic so much.   <_<
  7. PJCrusader

    Fs Boludo's Collection V2

    Still got that nice boho?
  8. Mizo grape in my alien. Scrumptious
  9. PJCrusader

    Fun With Lavoo's

    That is really cool looking.  If I were to ever get a glass hookah that would be the one.  
  10. PJCrusader

    Switched Things Around A Bit...

    The forum is looking good.  Nice to be able to PM without errors.  The layout looks good as well.  
  11. AF Orange is still a very good flavor.  I can't really speak to much else as far as AF goes though.  
  12. PJCrusader

    Trip To Oddessy

    No wonder my fiance wants to move back to Texas so bad.  
  13. Looking promising.  No redirects from my work computer or my phone today.  
  14. Also, it isn't aways just a hit back once and then go.  Today I tried about 10-15 times and never got to the forum from the google search.  
  15. PJCrusader


    That is crazy.  Living in central IL I've never experienced water restrictions for drought.  Especially this year, we had so much rain the farmers couldn't even get into the fields to plant on time in many cases.  
  16. I've been getting those redirects for a year so.     It happens from my work computer, home laptop, home PC, and my phone.
  17. ​That is on our local craigslist today..  $150
  18. PJCrusader

    Elmas Canary W/ Lotus Tray

    I was thinking about picking up a Canary and Lotus from turkeysonline the other day.  Making me want it real bad now!
  19. PJCrusader

    Elmas Hose

    Yeah I am having the flavorless problem with my Elmas hoses right now.  Not too sure why.  
  20. I agree with Mush, but places are starting to ban e-cigs inside as well.  
  21. PJCrusader

    Black Friday

    Picked up a KM, a box of coals, a Kaloud Lotus, and 500g of Tangiers.  Should have all come today, but I guess the trucks got delayed, are coming tomorrow. 
  22. PJCrusader

    Green Syrian Tower Base For Sale!

    Let me know if that sale falls through.  
  23. Wouldn't it be more an ATF issue than DEA?