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  1. [quote name='rhineholt' date='25 March 2010 - 10:30 PM' timestamp='1269577828' post='459765'] [quote name='neil555688' date='25 March 2010 - 11:25 PM' timestamp='1269577554' post='459763'] do you have an address? [/quote] [font="arial,"]5795 El Cajon Blvd (between El Cerrito Dr & 58th St) San Diego, CA 92115[/font] [/quote] thank you
  2. do you have an address?
  3. Hi everyone, I am in San Mateo for the next few days and I am looking for a lounge as well as a good place to stock up on supplies. I know that the drinking age here is 21, and am hoping that it is not also for smoking? thank you for any replies.
  4. neil555688

    Bamboo Death?

    Did you name it?
  5. neil555688

    Just Got My Gun Card

    congrats man, say goodbye to any expendable income
  6. neil555688

    Having One Of Those Crap Days

    I'm going to be in the field for November, January, February, and March, and my troop warrant ordered me to leave my hookah at home. 4 months with no shisha...
  7. neil555688

    Is Solder Safe?

    hi, my hookah has two holes that need to be patched, one at the top of the down stem, the other on the hose port, and i was wondering if solder would be safe to use in it? i tried searching and turned up nothing. thank you Neil
  8. cafe shisha hookah cafe
  9. neil555688

    Gun Control

    QUOTE (Charley @ Mar 25 2009, 11:12 PM) ok this is how i see gun control i myself am a gun advocate. i feel safer with my guns around than i do without them. 1. because i know how to use them safely and effectively. 2 everyone in my house also knows how to do this. 3. I have had to call the police to my house twice in my lifetime and the first time took over 1 hour for them to arrive and the second was about 35 minutes. guns will never go away. if I as a law abiding citizen have my guns taken away that just means I will be an easier target for the scumbags of the world who do not follow the laws and still have there guns. think of it this way a madman takes a gun to a bank 5,6,7,....ppl may die. a madman takes a gun to a school and 9,10,11...ppl may die. A madman takes a gun to an NRA convention and 1 person dies. i do however believe in gun education. proper storage usage and mantinace of guns is key to preventing accidents. If a gun accident occurs it is not the guns fault it is the stupid sob who didn't store it correctly with the proper safety measures to make sure his six year old couldn't get to it. or the dumbass who thinks a bottle of jack is essential hunting equipment. nice, that's going on facebook
  10. neil555688

    Political Corectness Makes Me Gag

    politician concreteness is fascism for pussies
  11. neil555688

    Lots Of Tangiers (unopened Packs)

    ill take your F-line Root Beer and 2 apple im in Calgary, give me a call 4034044343
  12. neil555688


    Hey, I just found this site so here is my introduction. I have been smoking shisha for about a year and a have now. I am 19 and a part time student/part time army reservist in calgary alberta.
  13. neil555688

    Gun Control

    Gun free zone have only led to more targets, and teaching children how to use and respect guns in a controlled environment will 1. reduce accidents and 2. make all those gangstas on TV look like the dumb asses they are.
  14. neil555688

    Canadian Smokers