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  1. She brought you back 4 kilos!?!?! Why in god's name is she just your friend? Marry the girl!
  2. Punx Clever

    Have Hookah Will Travel

    The egyptian is far better than Hookah!... hookah serves Starbuzz as a premium. Not sure on the lower tier tobaccos. Both are overpriced IMO
  3. Punx Clever

    Have Hookah Will Travel

    I'm at purdue as well.
  4. Yup... I don't like guava, no i don't

  5. Probably not "going out" just not red hot. All the heat on the bottom is being drawn away through the foil into the shisha, so it doesn't have the energy to glow. If your coals are actually going out... then the air in your smoking place sucks
  6. Punx Clever

    A Shout Out

    [quote name='sine' date='01 February 2010 - 06:18 PM' timestamp='1265066282' post='449006'] [quote name='Punx Clever' date='30 January 2010 - 03:41 PM' timestamp='1264884075' post='448574'] [quote name='cnygaard' date='30 January 2010 - 02:58 PM' timestamp='1264881532' post='448568'] Nakhla is at Amused now?!??! That's awesome! Do they carry the Mizo line too? I'll talk with the owner about getting CHQLs there too! [/quote] Not a complete line up... but yes. [/quote] Whaaat? Since when? Clayton, do you know this guy? Cuz I need to arrange a meeting. So I can give him a hug. We can do it at amused and kill 2 birds with one stone. [/quote] Haha, you can usually find me in the armory these days... that or getting coffee in Lawson. I recently graduated, but am working on campus. Hell, I used to set up my 4 footer outside the dorms to watch the freshmen do stupid shit when t weather was good this fall.
  7. Punx Clever

    A Shout Out

    [quote name='cnygaard' date='30 January 2010 - 02:58 PM' timestamp='1264881532' post='448568'] Nakhla is at Amused now?!??! That's awesome! Do they carry the Mizo line too? I'll talk with the owner about getting CHQLs there too! [/quote] Not a complete line up... but yes.
  8. Eric, this is to you! My local shop (amused clothing, west lafayette, IN) had carried tangiers a while back, and thats how i got hooked on it... f-line orange soda. Then they stopped carrying it. So I whined and complained and bitched and moaned until they got a wide selection of lucid and OG in stock a couple of months ago.... Which has been great. Well, apparently the last time the owner of the local shop was talking to Eric, he suggested they start carrying Nahkla. And now I can buy Nahkla locally!!!!!! Still way over infalted prices, but oh well. Thank you Eric! Now just convince them to stock YOUR Phunnel instead of the Vortex. Now to find John and ask him to contact them about coals... this $5 for a box of 16 CocoNaras isn't gonna fly.
  9. Eric, Move operations south to mexico. Or buy a small carribean island.
  10. It's a sight that provides an advantage by providing light for the soldier... what better than a quote that is based on "providing light". If the company wants to put it in their serial numbers, who cares? It's not the same as handing out pamphlets saying "Convert to teh Jesus or die!" as no one is stuffing it into anyones face saying "READ THIS AND BE FEARFUL!". It's not referenced correctly (at least religiously) in the first place. Wearing a cross tucked inside your uniform isn't out of regs either. The equipment is not by any means "standard issue". The list of reasons as to why this is a non-issue go on and on. The military only cares about what is the best product to carry out the mission (as it should), and i don't see a single problem with it.
  11. Punx Clever

    I Just Joined The Army...

    I'm on a completely different path than what i've read here so far... but here goes: I just graduated from Purdue with a degree in Mech E. I was on a 4 year NROTC scholarship. As of now, I'm an ENS. As far as PT tests go, they are a joke once you figure them out. Running will get you the most of what you need for every aspect of the test... endurance. Only reason hitting 92 push in 2 minutes is hard is because you get fatigued. Same with sit. On the other hand, doing 2-minute drills on pushups will improve your pushup schore (again, same for sit). Currently I max push and sit with a 9:45 mile-and-a-half (8-somethin is an elusive time). The question is: Do you really want to be fit, or do you just want to pass the test? If it's the former, a good, all around workout plan is a must. Get on it and stay on it. Every aspect of your daily life will improve... temperament, mental capacities, sleep, and all around feel-good-ness. If it's the latter, I've seen it done, and took a few semesters just like that. Focus entirely on push, sit and run (for you marines out there, scrap the push and insert Pull-ups). It'll get you where you "need" to be, but your NCO's will be able to tell. The real studs out there will max their scores, but the best part is they work hard at everything. I suggest working hard at everything (pt, knowledge, skills, general non-dougebaggery) and being the best you can. All the people in the ROTC unit who didn't... well, they aren't officers now. As for drill, nervousness is the big killer. There's been more than one time I got to watch two newbies standing there after a left or right face looking at each other with absolute terror because one of them got nervous and screwed up... and when the other looked at the one that screwed up he forgot whether he did it right. Unlike one comment, I do consider the weekend warriors to be military. They are reserve, and thats how they work. Doesn't change the fact that they will still eventually be called out to the shit and have their lives in danger too. Do your job, do it well. Sure there is a lot of time wasted, people yelling for no reason, whatever. In the end, it's still your job, and, believe it or not, it will at some point be life-or-death for your or your comrades.
  12. Punx Clever

    Lump Coal

    I picked up a bag of natural lump charcoal from Ace hardware the other day. It's for grilling, but is definitely just lump charcoal like you would find in a hookah shop but much larger chunks and whatnot. Or so I thought. For some reason the coals light, stay hot for about 5 minutes, then go out on their own. Nothing I've done keeps em going... wind screen, multiple coals stacked... nothing. I get em going red-hot before I put em on the bowl. Any of you guys that use the BBQ lumps have this problem? Solutions?
  13. Punx Clever

    Flying With Hookah

    When I fly with homebrew, I always pack it in towels inside a pelican case. Hard case with foam inside, plus towels, and teh fact that they seal completely so there's no worries about pressure differentials (but that only matters with the 15psi inside a beer bottle). As for the hookah, I packed my QT in it's carrying cage inside my checked baggage with no problem before. Just got a little note in my bag that they looked things over.
  14. Punx Clever

    Tangiers Success

    Lets hope I can have so much luck with the Tangiers that my local shop is about to get in. Indiana and Illinois are close enough that maybee I can get lucky too
  15. Punx Clever

    Electric Hookah Concept (just A Concept)

    QUOTE (sburke15 @ Nov 1 2009, 02:54 PM) The idea does not involve a vacuum switch. That idea relies on the fact that heat rises, and thats about it. The valve on top just restricts this flow to allow the heat to rise and escape, but retain enough to keep the bowl warm. When the smoker inhales they draw the warm air in the cone and air through the valve across the heating element and heat the bowl more like oxygen to a coal. Well, I've been thinking of something like this myself... but revolves around electronic control and sensing of the draw. I was reluctant to discuss it in great detail because I was gonna build one and possibly patent it but... meh. Anyways, my idea revolves around the idea that a coal puts out a certain amount of heat while it is just sitting there... call it the "idle" state. As soon as you draw on the hookah, more air flows past the coal, producing more heat. Call it the "active state". The trick to making an electric system seems to me to be emulating the idle and active states of the coals. Other than that, there is no difference (from a thermo standpoint) of electric heating (Nichrome wire) and chemical combustion (coals). Question is, how to go about controlling the the electrics to "know" when you are pulling. You already hit on the idea of air-flow sensing devices and whatnot, but those are relatively expensive and definitely very finicky. Option two is allowing the user a manual means of controlling the voltage to your heating element, such as a button or knob (rheostat), but that means that everyone who uses the device must be proficient with the operation of the device to produce even a decent smoke. So, we want the device to be able to control itself while being relatively simple and needing little user input. I say little input because we all know that one heat setting (number/size of coals) doesn't cover all the brands of shisha (or even flavors for that matter). Adjusting the heat is easy, provide 2 rheostats that control the idle and active voltages independently. Would require trial and error, but the settings would be very consistent from session to session, just like coals. Remember, you don't need special stacks to operate coals (unless you count a windcover, but it's primary purpose is to shield your coals from wind). Now, the kicker, and what I think would make such a design patentable: the control system. What does EVERY hookah do when you draw on it? Vibrate from the air-bubbles in the base. Vibration is ridiculously easy to pick up, and a black and white change from idle to active. Much simpler than measuring airflow, a helluva lot cheaper, and more elegant (in my humble opinion). To pick up the vibrations, one could build a base that the hookah sits on that consists of a plate and some piezo-electric crystals underneath. The vibration compresses/expands the crystals as the hookah bubbles, causing the crystals to produce a very small, but measurable, voltage. Use an op-amp to amplify the signal from the crystals and activate a relay. The relay would need to be a double-pole single throw type (solid state or otherwise, doesn't matter, but solid state is MUCH smaller and more reliable). On the NC (normally closed) circuit is the idle voltage. On the NO (normally open) circuit is the active voltage. You draw, the relay trips, the heating element heats up (pretty damn rapidly if you use very small gauge wire) and, BAM, your heating element acts like a real coal. Overall design would require one cable to run power to the base (presumably from the wall, not to sure on the power density of batteries for this application, would have to measure how much heat (energy) is released from coals over a session and decide), and one cable from the base to the bowl. The heating element could be something put on top of the bowl to act just like coals, or it could be a bowl with the heating element built in. I'd think the bowl-element would work better by providing a more even heat distribution to all parts of the shisha, but whatev. There you go. Electric hookah that *should* work great. Lots of measurement and trial-and-error needed to figure out how much nichrome to use and what voltages... but certainly doable for anyone with access to the proper tools.