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  1. DrunK

    Ericks Lounge

    thanks. i tried google but didnt know the exact name of the lounge
  2. does anyone have the address? thanks
  3. QUOTE (MrMoodz @ Mar 5 2009, 12:51 PM) Cafe Istanbul has a ton of Dejavu. $3.99 for 50gs and $15.99 for 250g. How much are coco's at Haji Baba's?? What sizes? come into memo's on thursday i serve there and will hook u up with some lounge mixes. let me know if u interested
  4. QUOTE (PUFFDADDY @ Feb 5 2009, 03:16 PM) Try it bro, I just wanted to point out to everyone that I thought the stuff was dam* good! just my 2 cents ya know. Like I saw in another post, EVERYONES TASTES BUDS are different right? All I know is I got to 2 Hookah bars pretty regularly in PHX here, and all of a sudden there carrying this stuff, It must have made an impact on someone other then me lol... what hookah bars? i work at memo's and visit cafe istanbull regularly
  5. DrunK


    QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Dec 1 2009, 01:19 AM) You've got to smoke straight lime first. when will it be out?
  6. DrunK

    Quitting Hookah

    im liking the ice chiller. how long have u had it?
  7. ill get a pic tonight when i work
  8. QUOTE (Jabbles180 @ Nov 25 2009, 10:44 PM) All i have to say is Bug Powder has become my favorite flavor and is quickly becoming a couple of my friends favorite as well. I was lucky enough to score 500g of that stuff and i cant say anything bad about it. So complex and just all around great! where can i get thjis!!!!!!!!
  9. DrunK

    Black Friday Surprise

    QUOTE (hookah hippie @ Nov 27 2009, 05:41 PM) very nice my friend i am jealous i need to drive back down south my tangiers samples are on my floor my roommate said they came today i want samples. where can i get them?
  10. DrunK

    Quitting Hookah

    i heard u mention sour flavors? are they good?
  11. but it does. the juices makes the flavor taste burnt. try it sometime
  12. codename, like i said, my boss has one. its so sick lookin. but he is an ass and wont tell me where he got it
  13. DrunK

    Quitting Hookah

    ya pics would be nice. put those up, im interested so far
  14. QUOTE (Barnaby @ Oct 21 2009, 09:23 AM) Hmm.. that's a good point.. Now technically speaking a good vaporizer are supposed to be extremely efficient, and a little bit would go a long way. I think the big thing would be the juice though.. But coupled with juice going everywhere, depending on the design, and how long it actually lasts before you have to refill are going to be the 2 biggest problems. Well i work at a hookah loounge and we squeeze the juices out of the shisha. and the heads last FOREVER. and im talking AF out of an egyptian head. 3-4 hours plus. u guys should all try it sometime. the flavor is great too. So idk if that helps u at all. try that tho and try it then get back to us.
  15. o haha. anyone know where i could get it in black tho? my boss hass one but wont tell me where he got it.