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  1. while smoking my pumpkin hookah, after every couple minutes, i would get this harshness in my throat, i was taking a 10 sec inhale every 30 seconds. is that a result of that or am i doing something wrong?
  2. i light the coal up and put it on the left side of the bowl. after about 25 minutes i move it to the other side and smoke that for another 25. by this time my coal has diminished a lot and i barely have any to finish the middle off. is that normal? and should i light up another coal?
  3. Iphone Hookah App?

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Mar 17 2009, 03:11 PM) i don't have an iphone. But I am not sure i would pay for an app that would require me to do make motions with my mouth like I am trying to please my phone....in front of people. ROFL
  4. Florida Smokers Fl

    Coral Springs! woot woot! 954!
  5. Metromint Water In Base

    how would it change the taste tho? cause like when i smoke, i dont taste the water
  6. Just A Thought

    "the virtual hookah" dont know what it will be but it sounds like a pretty cool thing.
  7. just curious on how much water to add in a pumpkin hookah to get the best smoke. also, is it good to add ice?
  8. Just yesterday i bought a 10" pumpkin hookah with two hoses. I also bought cherry shisha and some coals. When smoking i barley taste the cherry and after 15 minutes of teh coal being on one side, i start to taste something wierd like coals or something. advice please. thanks.
  9. Hookah Oddity

    what are phunnel bowls?
  10. Hookah Oddity

    eh, i dont wanna buy a new one since i just got this one. i just want to know ways to enhance the flavor. when do i know if teh coal is hot enough?
  11. Hookah Oddity

    well the way i packed it was spreading the sisha with my fingers to get it all apart and patting it down. the coals are Starlight and the shisha is Nakhla