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  1. while smoking my pumpkin hookah, after every couple minutes, i would get this harshness in my throat, i was taking a 10 sec inhale every 30 seconds. is that a result of that or am i doing something wrong?
  2. i light the coal up and put it on the left side of the bowl. after about 25 minutes i move it to the other side and smoke that for another 25. by this time my coal has diminished a lot and i barely have any to finish the middle off. is that normal? and should i light up another coal?
  3. Chuck-182

    Iphone Hookah App?

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Mar 17 2009, 03:11 PM) i don't have an iphone. But I am not sure i would pay for an app that would require me to do make motions with my mouth like I am trying to please my phone....in front of people. ROFL
  4. Chuck-182

    Florida Smokers Fl

    Coral Springs! woot woot! 954!
  5. Chuck-182

    Metromint Water In Base

    how would it change the taste tho? cause like when i smoke, i dont taste the water
  6. Chuck-182

    Just A Thought

    "the virtual hookah" dont know what it will be but it sounds like a pretty cool thing.
  7. just curious on how much water to add in a pumpkin hookah to get the best smoke. also, is it good to add ice?
  8. Just yesterday i bought a 10" pumpkin hookah with two hoses. I also bought cherry shisha and some coals. When smoking i barley taste the cherry and after 15 minutes of teh coal being on one side, i start to taste something wierd like coals or something. advice please. thanks.
  9. Chuck-182

    Hookah Oddity

    what are phunnel bowls?
  10. Chuck-182

    Hookah Oddity

    eh, i dont wanna buy a new one since i just got this one. i just want to know ways to enhance the flavor. when do i know if teh coal is hot enough?
  11. Chuck-182

    Hookah Oddity

    well the way i packed it was spreading the sisha with my fingers to get it all apart and patting it down. the coals are Starlight and the shisha is Nakhla