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  1. QUOTE (Stuie @ May 21 2009, 08:06 PM) Yeah I love mine. It's in my small hookah rotation for smoking in my home office. I even bought a glass Egyptian base to use with it from time to time. i did the exact same thing. the grommet is a little too small for my liking though when its in the glass base. any suggestions?
  2. ....from H-S.com. the thing smokes awesome for being a free mini hookah. wanted to say thanks to all the people that had recommended it in the various posts itll make a great travel hookah for me
  3. bobmartin94

    Shisha Pif

    yea id love to see it continue too i was just throwing shit out there for ideas, and stupid me cant learn to explain stuff lol like i said this is SPS's thread, he makes the call(we all hope we can revive this tho!) i guess you could try throwing out some new flavors, worse case scenario im putting in an order next week and was gunna proly order some of your requests anyway
  4. bobmartin94

    Mnh Glass

    yea im going to have to agree with inino. even though you didnt technically ask about the jet glass, i would highly recommend one, unless there is some reason your are strongly against?
  5. bobmartin94

    Shisha Pif

    no man im not making any decisions here, im a new member and this is SPS's thread. just putting options out there, boricua was a good guy and sent out shisha and i wanted to make sure he gets some in return thats the main concern. Im with you and i want this going continuing!
  6. bobmartin94

    Shisha Pif

    hey boriqua i feel bad no one has sent you anything(correct me if im wrong) i have some shisha id be willing to send you(unfortunately dont have the flavors you requested) if you want , and i guess just end it there?(no need for anyone to send me)
  7. im pretty sure i remember eric saying on here that marshmallow was something he thought of but it is impossible to make but then again i dont have the best memory in the world, so ill let the man himself clarify
  8. bobmartin94

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    QUOTE (supersubby @ Feb 28 2009, 01:46 PM) Best places are : Ali Babaas Carthage and Lux these places offer the best service and are the most authentic and you get what you pay for. lux also has very wide range of tobacco selection, he serves everything from nakhla to tangiers and owner is a gem when you say lux, you are meaning lux chateau right? i cant remeber the street, but its lincoln park area busier north/south street with a subway next door? i havent been there in a while but from what i remeber, it was MYA Qts, strictly quicklights, and horrible service. id ask for a list of shisha and the guy would tell me its easier if i just pick something, so i ask what brands and he only says we have starbuzz and a bunch of others. he also has been a smartass to me a few too many times. not calling you out at all, just curious if this lounge im talking about is not the same one you were talking about or if theyve cleaned up their act.
  9. bobmartin94

    This Is For You Sps

    thanks! also forgot to mention:dont let the fact that i am new scare you away from making a trade with me etc...i have no problem with sending first w/ tracking number. I have a decent selection of shisha to trade, and i trust the majority of people here and know theyll uphold their end. just want to put that out there bc ive seen some new people give a hassle about sending first.
  10. bobmartin94

    This Is For You Sps

    my name is bob i live in illinois i smoke hookah i have a MYA KM and some no name i got as my first MNH is my preferred vender cocos are my preferred coal i like AF shisha the most, just because its cheap im not someone looking for something for free and then disappear 33% of my posts were asking for something free(thanks for that fact SPS!) 100% of my posts were not asking for something for free, in actuallity most were asking to send something for free
  11. bobmartin94

    Shisha Pif

    QUOTE (SixPackSunday @ Mar 8 2009, 11:30 PM) not a lot of offense meant in those posts friend. believe me I have been scolded more than once on more than one forum for jumping in to things a little too fast. After being around them for a while I understand why. not to be mean, but let me break this down for you: -nobody here knows you -all internet forums are full of people out looking to get something quick and dissapear -the rules WERE clearly stated in the OP -its common courtesy to post an intro thread on any forum. i know several that you cant post until you have made an intro thread. while you may be the most genuine guy in the world, and i truly hope you are, making 33% of your posts on a forum looking for somebody to send you something on just your word raises a couple of red flags to anybody. especially when you havnt taken the time to do the simple things like filling out a profile or any of that. just makes it look more like your not here for the long run. again, really not trying to be rude in this post, but trying to give you an idea of why you got the response. theres a ton of ways to 'contribute' to the community that do not involve the PIF. make a review or two, share you input, that kind of thing. this really shows how distorted your thought really is.... i am not asking for free shisha!! you obviously dont understand your own game im looking to contribute to the community. i am not looking for free shisha, i would have to send first. it doesnt matter no one here knows me, ive had plenty of good convos in the chat, and no one cared that they didnt know me. your fact about some forums not allowing you to post is irrelevant as it is not a rule on THIS forum. i am not looking for someone to send me free shisha. DID I MENTION IM NOT LOOKING FOR FREE SHISHA AND THEN PLANNING ON DISAPPEARING?! An1m is dead on with his post, i really do appreciate you sticking up for a newer member...shows what kind of person you are. Also, SPS this will be my last post in here that isnt about the shisha pif. this is the shisha pif thread, not the flame the new guy for his shortcomings. you should know to stay on topic seeing as you seem to believe your high and mighty. one more time sps, did i mention im not looking for free shisha. ps im not looking for free shisha pps im not looking for free shisha
  12. bobmartin94

    Shisha Pif

    Six I want to apologize for being so enthusiastic and trying to contribute to the community. im sorry i didnt read the rules as carefully as i should have, but is it really a problem that i want to get in on this? im sorry i dont have all the time in the world to post on a forum, but im trying. Its not like im trying to trade with someone saying you send first..... Next time i go to post, ill make sure to keep im mind that i might get castigated by SPS. i understand there are rules, and that i should be told when they are broken, but i do not understand the smart remarks. Thanks for the warm welcome SPS!!
  13. bobmartin94

    Shisha Pif

    christian can we get your list? im sorry im being impatient, but im dying to get in on this!
  14. bobmartin94

    Phunnel Bowl Packing Tips

    QUOTE (indian_villager @ Mar 4 2009, 06:54 PM) Come on man search....this has to be the third most frequent topic. Pack loosely, keep it below the rim. Use Heavy duty foil. Keep it tight. Few rings of toothpick sized holes. if you find that the draw is hard poke a hole right in the center. i tried searching i really did, but i got so many different methods i didnt know what was right/worked well. I was hoping someone like you would come in to clarify, as i can tell from the time ive spent on this board, altho i never posted, you knew what was up in the hookah world. Thanks!
  15. i just got a phunnel bowl and just cant seem to get these amazing clouds everyone is getting. The flavor is def so great when using one and my water doesnt look/smell real nasty. the main shishas i use are: AF, SB, Fantasia, Nahkla, and have been trying to get some tangiers working. im using the MNH jet glass with a scalli mod of it makes a difference, so if everyone would please share their personally packing tips for each brand(if they are different) id really appreciate it