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  1. damha


    QUOTE (SmokinMoose @ Mar 1 2009, 05:05 PM) Welcome good to see more Canadians on the forum. I live in Toronto. awesome! i love toronto, mississauga, oakville pretty much all those cities! i love diversity burlington on the other hand...its getting there. its almost a mississauga.
  2. damha


    hehe thanks! i cant wait to start discussssin
  3. damha

    Canadian Smokers

    burlington, ontario!
  4. damha

    Easy Diffuser

    QUOTE (jellywerker @ Feb 27 2009, 02:56 PM) http://www.thehookahlounge.org/2007/09/25/...ookah-diffuser/ That explains it well. I found the link while investigating "teelichmethode" on the german forums. thank you kind sir.
  5. damha

    Easy Diffuser

    QUOTE (jellywerker @ Feb 27 2009, 02:49 PM) I've recently found bendable drinking straws are simple cheap and easy and work well. would it matter if the end of the straw with the hole is facing up? or would the holes have to be facing down?
  6. damha

    Easy Diffuser

    QUOTE (caterpillar73 @ Feb 4 2009, 04:08 PM) Hi, I saw threads like making one of these things from a can, a cork, rocks on the vase, or buying a plastic thing, but nobody posted the easiest suggestion. (I'm sure this is standard fare technique BTW) I just took aluminum foil, shaped it into a sack, stuck a fork into the bottom several places and squeezed the mouth of the sack to the end to the tube. It works well. It's dampened the noise and the pull works as always. Materials: fork and foil Time: 2-5 minutes You're welcome. could you post a picture of what u meant by a sac, because im having trouble understanding haha
  7. damha


    Hey there Hookah Smokers! I have decided to join this forum, because two days ago my father came back from Lebanon, with a a brand new hookah! I was really excited, and well, yeah i came here because there are endless threads of reviews, pictures, and tips for many things. I'm not that much of an experienced hookah smoker, and wishing to learn more. I reside in Burlington, Ontario. Attached photo is my hookah right when i put it together haha. Well yeah, tips and all would be appreciated! thanks alot! and i hope to chat with many of you