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  1. Hawaii Smokers Hi

    WAIPAHU area!!!! smoke sesh?!
  2. Aloha From Hawaii

    yea i checked the rules out already.. and for your question.. umm well there are shops that sell their hoookahs for an ok price but for the "brand name" types of hookahs its ridiculous. thats y its better to buy online here. like i saw a 3 hose abyss for 230!!!! and online u can get um for 130ish with some shisha coals ect.
  3. hey guys... and girls.. i just wanted to introduce myself... i love long walks on the beach, late night talks... and might i add im young rich and dangerous... LOL all kidding aside (except the young rich and dangerous part ) glad to be on the forums... nice group of people here.. well imma be on my way and browse the forums soo BYE! mahalo!!!