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  1. Best coal for tangiers?

    Thanks guys. I'll try to put a little more shisha in the bowl and use less coal tonight.
  2. Best coal for tangiers?

    But how do you guys get it good? I'm guessing light coal would be a good alternative, such as three kings? What about japanese coal? If I'm going to buy any of those it'll take me two weeks or smth (Norway rocks, we only got nakhla shisha and nour fingers + some cheap light coal), but it should be worth it =)
  3. I recently bought my first shipment of shisha from tangiers. The only kind if coal I own is the nour-fingers, and so far the shisha have tasted nothing but coal. I've tried using both a single "finger" and a single finger chopped into a few pieces. Same results. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the coal that's too strong? Should I use light coal in stead? I've heard great stuff about tangiers, and it sucks to be missing out because I can't get the coal right :/
  4. Hookah Sellers

    Sorry for waking this to life, but are there any cheaper way to send things outside of the US/Canada than USPS Air Int'l? It sucks to use as much money on the shipping as you do on the products (still, I'll do it to the day they get anything other than Nakhla in Norwegian stores).
  5. I had a similar experience.Until a month ago I only had experience with a hookah a friend of mine bought from Turkey. Don't know what brand it is or anything like that, but I'm pretty happy with the way it has been working out.A friend of mine is going to study far away from us for the next semester, so me and a friend of mine desided to buy him a hookah. We're not rich, so we bought a pretty cheap one (costed about 50 bucks). I'm starting to regret that.The same night that we bought it we desided to test it. When we opened the bag it came in we noticed a wierd smell, don't exactly know how to describe it. Anyways, we desided to give it a try. It didn't taste good at all, we made the shisha like we always do, the same goes for the coal (we did smoke the hookah that my friend owned too, and that one worked out fine as usual). It tasted like the smell we noticed when we first took the hookah out of it's bag. My friend got notiouc (gah, can't spell this word, "feeling like he would soon throw up") and I got a mild headache. Later on that night I got fever. I don't really think that would have anything to do with the hookah, but I found it wierd that both me and one of my friends reacted to it in a negative way. Don't really know what's wrong with it, or if it's cleanable (how can I chech this?).
  6. A few questions

    Nah, think he's talking about Nakhla
  7. Dry ice

    Yeah, after hearing it 20 or so times I more or less get it. Thanks for your answers, will definately not try this out.
  8. A few questions

    cymptom: Yes they do, but I was talking about Starbuzz.Really sorry about double popst, I thoughtg it was possible to edit posts
  9. A few questions

    Ok, thanks a bunch.
  10. Before I write down my questions I just want to say that I know some of them have been asked before, but I really didn't find all the answers I were looking for searching through the forum.1. What is it that gives you a buzz when smoking hookah? My first guess would be lack of oxygen, but I'v never good at guessing, so if anyone could explain it it would be greatly appreciated2. What is it that seperates "good" shisha from "bad" shisha? In Norway all you can get is Nakhra, and that's not exactly the most appreciated brand on this forum. I|ve only tried apple and strawberry so far, and my experience is that I find the buzz I get a bit to strong. The taste is ok imo, but not great. I'm thinking of importing some new shisha from the internet, and I've heard great stuff about starbuzz and Tangiers. This leads me to my next question:3. I've heard that the Tangiers requires more "skill" to get right than starbuzz, so I thought of trying the last mentioned one first. I thought of bying it from hookahcompany.com (because of the 15% off), but it doesn't look like they sell it. Any other places I can buy this brand that's not that expensive (I pay like 30 dollar just for the delivery)?Thanks in advance.
  11. Dry ice

    Hehe, thought it would be safe to find out what it actually did before I went ahead and tried it. Think I'll skip it, looks like theres just tons of cons and no pros. Thanks for the help.
  12. Dry ice

    Hey. I've heard that having some dry ice in the water you put in your hookah will produce much more smoke and give you a stronger buzz. Could anyone confirm or break this myth?
  13. Hi from Oslo, Norway

    Nice to see some other scandis =)
  14. Hi from Oslo, Norway

    A Turkish friend of mine introduced me to the hookah one year ago and I've been in love with it ever since.So far I've only tried the tobacco you can buy in Norway (at the moment that's only Nakhla, at least it's the only thing I've gotten hold of in Oslo), but I'm getting my VISA card soon, and I'm thinking of buying some of the better tobacco from the internet.Sadly my mother is not as found of the hookah as me, and she doesn't like me smoking it at all. As for now this means that I'm only able to smoke when I'm at my friends house, but then again I think it's much better to smoke in social sitouations than to do it all alone.So far I've not seen a single scandinavian memeber, I guess hookah-smoking isn't as usual here as it is many other places of the world. Anyways, I hope to be able to have a good time here, and learn alot about hookah, tobaccos and that kind of stuff.