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  1. poncho

    Mystique Ice Hose Tips

    What are these made out of plastic?
  2. poncho

    Regal Melech Redwood

    Awesome review man and i'd be proud to own that thing just on aesthetics alone!
  3. poncho


    I've had success with taking some sand paper, 100 grit and up and sanding the inside edge of the base of the bowl, making it rough, and helping it stay on the grommet better.
  4. poncho

    Teflon Tape?

    i can make you a glass converter so you can use your female bowls on your male pipe. it would fit perfect with a grommet on either side. It essentially is 2 opposite male tapers, so one you can stick inside your pipe, the other is sticking up to put the females on.
  5. poncho

    Wtt Dokha Kit For Tangiers.

    i have no tangiers to trade, but i am curious about this Dokha, and if you enjoyed smoking it or what?
  6. poncho

    Heat Properties Of Borosilicate Glass?

    No, it will not develop a resistance over time. If anything though i've found glass bowls to actually take a little more heat, and maybe you want to throw another coal on there. Especially with 2 layers of foil I would have 3 coconut coals up there. I also only smoke out of a glass bowl, even as much as i've recently tried to use my Egyptian and found heat management to be a problem because I was so used to the glass and always putting on a little more coal. Try to take a layer off and use 2 coals, try to keep the layer on and use 3 coals.
  7. poncho

    Remember 9/11

    I'm from Central NJ, and was sitting in science class 6th grade and had a view of the semi circle driveway up to the school. I knew something was wrong when the entire driveway was backed up with parents picking up their kids. We felt it hard here, friends parents were involved, my neighbor across the street was missing for a few days, couldn't get out of NYC. I remember just going out to the driveway and sitting leaning on a car at the house, in shock, scared and trying to comprehend a lack of understanding what was going on. Changed my life forever for sure.
  8. poncho

    New Jersey Smokers Nj

    hey in central Jersey, hit me up if you wanna chill, test out one of my glass hookahs!
  9. i can't believe a lounge would put that into the hookah without telling someone, maybe if you ask for it and its legal in your state than that shouldn't be anyone's problem, but I've heard and known personally people who've had horrible experiences with this stuff, actually my brother's friend they though was dying and almost took to the hospital then he "snapped out" of it.
  10. hey man have a good birthday!
  11. poncho

    Full Glass Hookah Video

    hey it seems a bit wobbly because it was on a make shift table, the table was a bunch of tiles ontop of a box, so it wasn't exactly what you call a table. But I grind the bottoms on a flat wheel, and make sure they are perfectly flat before i ship. That red vase still needs grinding actually. The Crown Hookahs, Hookahs you talk about I also made, and will be restocking his selection soon. I could make a wider bore hose for you no problem. And to the glycerin coil, not a chance. Sorry, but I am no interested in making them, maybe something similar, but it sure wont be a coil!
  12. poncho

    Full Glass Hookah Video

    [quote name='Satou' timestamp='1315113278' post='522530'] How neat! It makes me want to take a glass blowing class to make one D: [/quote] If your ever in Jersey, I can teach you!
  13. poncho

    Full Glass Hookah Video

    [quote name='fineout' timestamp='1315158757' post='522552'] good to hear from you again poncho, always loved your hookahs! [/quote] Thanks brother!
  14. poncho

    Full Glass Hookah Video

    [quote name='herbalsmoke' timestamp='1315273487' post='522657'] These are awesome, I'd be way to paranoid that my dog would knock it over though. [/quote] Yea, we have 4 in the house, one knocked it over about a month ago, big mess. Burned the floor, and and so much water all over the living room. 1 out of 3 dogs is good around it, the others are oblivious.
  15. poncho

    Full Glass Hookah Video

    They can be purchased directly from me or from Crown hookahs. I am getting back into making them again, (just started a new studio) so over the next few weeks I should be back in production mode.