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  1. Aaronvb24

    Opening a hookah bar, Advice please

    It def. puts into perspective the type of money that needs to to be saved. Between saving up and finding out all the laws for the state of choice I am sure that it will take some time before i am ready to get mine open and ready. I agree that it would take 24 months to see some profits.
  2. Mush I have two questions for you. 1. Do you have a ventilation system? 2. Do you need a tobacco license/permit?
  3. Aaronvb24

    New Jersey Hookah Shops?

    Also Nouri's has some decent stuff reasonably priced
  4. Aaronvb24

    New Jersey Hookah Shops?

    IV: THe Star Lights are pretty solid. I find you have to push them to the side little while in they carry some heat or at least on the MYA QT it was.
  5. Aaronvb24

    Need Some Advice On Parts.

    SO I bought one of each phunnel. I plan on using the chinese as only a back up god forbid something happens to the tangiers one.. Not going with a screen just seems like a waste since there is such hatred for it.
  6. Aaronvb24

    Tea? Anyone

    Ill try different mixes and see if any work out. Thanks for the heads up on the Mate
  7. Aaronvb24

    Placed The Order

    No one could tell me which was better then the other so I figure I test and then give the other to my friend. He will most likely have the chinese one and it would be my pack up. and its from Hookah Company
  8. Alright so I am just ordered my first tangiers purchase. Spearmint Tangiers Tangiers Phunnel Chinese Phunnel Anyone in the North NJ know about how long it would take to acclimate?? Hoping to have it for the weekend.
  9. Aaronvb24

    Tea? Anyone

    Tea shisha instead of using tobacco. Someone did a Chai Vanilla and said it tasted amazing. Sorry for the vagueness. I want to try to make my own shisha using Tea leaves instead of tobacco and was also wondering what glycerin to use for best smoke.
  10. I read on this forum about people making their own using tea leaves. I was wondering how popular this was and I do not know if there is already a forum detailing it all a pointer would be grateful. Also for those who have done this any instruction, insight, and tips and tricks. Oh also if you have great combos that would be awesome to know too.
  11. Aaronvb24

    Need Some Advice On Parts.

    Alright so def no screen lol.. Have to go out and find somewhere in North NJ to grab a phunnel somewhere.
  12. Alright I am not new to smoking hookah, but I am new to the world of brands and all the crazy possibilities. I have a Mya QT and I like the small bowl that it comes with, but would like to also have a phunnel to play with at about the same size. Now I was reading around tonight/ this morning and came across Aluminum being harmful and research and all that jazz.. They mentioned screens and wanted to know what peoples opinions were on them and if they were any good or which to get. I am pretty much just trying to chase the largest smoke possible with the Mya QT.
  13. Aaronvb24

    Mnh Mini Funnel Is Hear!

    How long does the bowl last with it using so little... Thinking about getting a phunnel not sure which to get.
  14. As for the Orange Juice it is good for vitamins, but if you are getting over a cold it will add to the phlegm and that will cause more problems.. I find to clear up the sinuses drink something carbonated. It helps break up everything. At least it works for me. I have chronic sinus issues.