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  1. Congrats on the new hookah,  man,  very cool.  Enjoy!  
  2. No problem,  RoDenT,  I respect your opinion.  It's not easy coming back when most everyone hates my guts.  But,  I feel that I once had a place here on the forum,  I had an interesting perspective on some things that did help people out,  and I now feel that I can add to the forum once again.  It may take a LONG time for me to regain people's trust and respect,  but I'm willing to spend the time and effort it takes to achieve that goal.  My main reason for being here is because I enjoy the people on this forum and the subject matter is of great interest to me.  Nowhere else is there a forum like this,  of like-minded people,  who truly love talking about hookah smoking.  I intend to be here on the forum whether people want me here or not.  This is an open forum,  I have a right to express my opinions in this forum,  and if you don't want to see what I have to say then you can simply ignore me.Cheers 
  3. That happened to me this morning,  after an entire day of smoking yesterday.  I find that if I smoke more than 10 bowls in one day,  the next day I'm pratically coughing-up a lung.Yesterday,  as I'm sure you will agree,  was a busy day on the forum.  Well,  it was for me.  And,  as a distraction from the day's events,  I smoked a TON of ma'assel, non-stop.I don't think I will do a repeat performance today.  Today I'm going to take it easy and give my lungs a good rest 
  4. wyteboy......I understand your aggravation over this matter.  I hope,  in time,  I can regain your trust and your friendship 
  5. WOW.....Nice review!  I'm placing a BIG order next week for some Tangiers and will be reviewing it soon,  around the 24th of the month.  I always order Overnight Delivery,  which is very expensive,  but I don't like waiting.  And I know from smoking cigars that the cold outside can be very bad for the tobacco.  So the sooner it gets here the better.  Thanks for that awesome review
  6. Hey thanks a lot you guys!  I will do my best not to piss anyone off and I will definitely not repeat the mistakes of my past.Looking forward to a great future on HookahForum
  7. Geez.....did I just repeat myself like 3 or 4 times in the post above....sorry about that  
  8. Well,  I'm not going to do a full review because I haven't smoked it in awhile and I would be going strictly by memory.  But,  I will say that IF you like the smell of traditional aromatic pipe tobacco,  then you will probably like Havana Pipe.  Granted, it's not for everyone,  but if you LOVE the taste and/or smell of Pipe Tobacco, then this is THE stuff to buy.  I won't lie to you,  I smoked Havana Pipe for a couple months and then I got tired of it.  It's a great flavor when you first smoke it,  but if you smoke it all the time, you WILL grow tired of it,  just like any other flavor.I REALLY loved Havana Pipe the first couple of months,  but as I said,  I smoked it all the time and got tired of it.  It's a special occasion smoke.  I would not make it part of your daily rotation.  Smoke it every once in awhile so that you don't get tired of it
  9. Earlier this afternoon I talked with George over at HookahCompany,  and he said that they now have in-stock the newer version of the washable synthetic leather hoses from MYA,  and he said that the hose is much wider and provides a better smoking experience than the other MYA hoses.  This is a new hose,  and they just got it in-stock.
  10. I like my name,  and don't want to change it.  The only mellow drama is coming from certain others who disagree with my presence here.  I respect everyone on this forum,  even the people who want me to leave.  But,  I'm not going to change my name just so that I can hide behind another name.  That's lame!  I've been a member here longer than most people,  with the exception of MR Bubble.  He was here before me.  I'm one of the top posters,  I had a GREAT reputation before all the drama started,  and I'm just not willing to abandon my name because of all that.
  11. Yeah,  despite our disagreements,  I do respect mushrat and would NOT like to see him go.
  12. Well,  several months ago I owned the Glyph and it was a very attractive hookah.  The glyph etchings in the gold stem are beautiful.  I can't disagree with the others about airflow problem because I was the only one who smoked that hookah.  I eventually sold it to Gamaliel who liked to throw Hookah parties and he said he LOVED the 3-hose Glyph,  saying that it was the ULTIMATE PARTY HOOKAH.  I haven't heard any complaints from him since.
  13. Then go to:  www.myasaray.com and buy a couple washable hoses.  They're $7 each and are AWESOME hoses  
  14. Go to:  www.TobaccoImportUSA.com and on the left side of the page,  click on Hookahs....Then scroll thru the page to view all the Sultan Hookahs which are well under $40.  I'm smoking a Sultan and it's absolutely SUPERB The construction is good and it's very easy to setup and clean.  Plus it's got a huge ceramic bowl.  Ceramic is much better than clay bowls because it's very difficult to break unless you drop it. I highly-reccommend the Sultan for a beginner hookah 
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