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  1. QUOTE (Stuie @ Feb 27 2009, 05:30 PM) I prefer the phunnel over the vortex. Simply because it heats better. I do use my vortex from time to time. Comparing pictures of the shapes and such, I can definitely see why that would be. Definitely something for me to keep in mind.
  2. megidolaon

    What Am I Doing Wrong

    I think it might be the coals. I have natural lemon wood coals and a ton of quicklights from free crap that got thrown in with some of my hookah purchases... even though the quicklights do, er, light quickly I found I had to 1) light them outside (never indoors) in a well ventilated area, 2) wait till they were red hot + wait another 5ish minutes. It could also be that you weren't a big smoker beforehand? I didn't smoke before taking up hookah smoking, and I a year later still get a buzz that can knock me off my feet if I'm not paying attention. Coals would be the main thing, but it is probably a combination of several factors mentioned in reply to your post (best bet for your health would be to assume that anyways). edit because my proofreading sucks
  3. QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Feb 26 2009, 09:16 PM) they are a decent bowl, i use my chinese phunnel for everything now minus nak which i use my vortex I think I'll pick one up from Sahara Smoke and see how they are, and go searching for a cheap phunnel and see what works best on my hookahs. I smoke by myself a lot though and the size of all the phunnels I've come across & reviews I've watched say those things are kind of huge/a but much for a single person. Thanks for the info!
  4. QUOTE (jellywerker @ Feb 26 2009, 09:20 PM) http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=28606 Second page of this section of the forum. Seriously. General consensus seems to be that they are fine, if you get one that has the holes at the top of the bowl, but in general a phunnel is better. Thanks for the link, but no need to be a dick about it. I did a search on several of the forum sections last week for "vortex" and "vortex bowl" and didn't come up with directly related (but a few random mentions). I don't live in these forums, and due to the general lack of hits I found with my search last week, I really did not expect someone else would have brought it up in the last week since I've been here to comb through the posts. Just didn't seem to be a popular topic.
  5. They seem to be the same concept as the phunnel bowl, but I haven't really read much about them online. I've seen a ton of reviews for the phunnel, and about... two for the vortex that had any actual useful content. Anyone have any wisdom to share on these? Or at least a link to a good video or written review?