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  1. metalwarlord

    Oklahoma Smokers Ok

    Broken arrow smoker here. Message if interested.
  2. metalwarlord

    Need Major Help

    it either burns, doesn't produce much smoke, bad taste. I don't understand it. I've tried more water, less water. More holes less holes. One coal!two coals. More tobacco, less tobacco. Its very nerve racking.
  3. metalwarlord

    Need Major Help

    Can't upload pictures because I am using my phone to do this. I can send pictures through email though. Comp has no MB ATM. If someone wants to upload my pics that would be great.
  4. metalwarlord

    Need Major Help

    I am using a small mya, coconara coals, and romman good times. I am using. The stock bowl. I am sprinkling into the bowl but not overfilling. Double layering foil. Two coals at a time. QUOTE (click @ Feb 11 2009, 11:03 PM) What setup are you using. What coals and what tobacco? How are you packing the tobacco. What kind of bowl and how many coals at a time?
  5. I am new to smoking the hookah and have not had one good session in 3 months. I can pay. For help lol. Am very angry with my product. I have read everything, and tried everything. I am obviously doing something wrong. Or some things wrong. Please help.
  6. metalwarlord

    Oklohoma Meet Up

    I'm new to smoking hookah and was interested if anyone in the area of broken arrow and tulsa wanted to haVe a meet up. My email add. Is metalwarlord87@gmail.com