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  1. Hot Glue Guns can make damn near ANYTHING airtight. At least thats how I made my hose. The only problem with that option is, I havn't seen a homemade hose yet that is flexible in any way.
  2. Thanks for the heartfelt welcomes . As for the cooking business, now that I basically live 1 minute away from Maryland, I'm looking forward to a thousand new opportunities in Bel Air.
  3. I had a chuck of that in my downstem. I broke up a popsicle stick and poked it until it came out.
  4. I come back to the forum after two months, and lo and behold, the first thing I read is about monkey sex. And I've always been partial to lemurs.
  5. I have an electric tea kettle, that will boil water in less then 3 minutes after being turned on. I usually use and that pour a whole pot with lemon juice into the base and down my stems. That ALWAYS gets smells out. As for the hose, I pretty much just leave them alone. I've tryed to wash them a few times, but they always jsut rust and I have to buy a new one anyway.
  6. Yeah, there's really no shame in owning ANY of Tangys bowls, and in all honesty owning one of each is a great idea. No worries, Starbuzz will smoke just fine.
  7. The worst experiance was easily the time I decided to pour club soda into the base of my hookah with altoids and layalina mint. The very first drag I took made me nearly vomit and I coughed for about twenty minutes. I dumped the whole thing right there and didn't smoke at all for about two weeks.
  8. Hi everybody! I can't remember the last time I've posted in the good ol Hookah Forum, but I wanted to drop in and say hi! The reasoning for my absence was because I had been slowly moving into a new apartment (my very first) and only recently did I finally get my cable modem hooked up (also my first), and manged to get back online just in time for my 21st birthday. Anyway, my point is, I'm back and look forward to reading and contributing to the forum once more, and wanted to give a hello to all my old friends that still remember me at this point, lmao. Lo and behold...the first thing I read is about bonobo chimpanzees and their sexual mating habits. Good to be back. XD
  9. I'm glad somebody was thinking it. It seems whenever a question about smoke or flavor pops uo, theres always a group of people, each swearing to their own special base mix, hole configuration, different ways to wrap foil, etc etc. You know how I get alot of smoke? I use a windcover with a little less coal to heat the entire bowl at once, then let it sit for a little while. That's all.
  10. I just got mne the other day...I can't quite get the phunnel bowl to fit on it, the grommets just refuse to match up for me so that its a tight fit. I got the same impression, that its a cheapo sorta thing...but I paid 18 bucks, so I couldn't expect anymore. I havn't managed to smoke out of the thing yet, but I noticed right away that a beer bottle didnt make the best base. Smirnoff Vodka bottle worked awesome though, and I can't wait to get an empty Jieger bottle to hook it up to. I may actually go ahead and still grab the Hobohookah, depending on how well people say it smokes. It would probably be great for a collection, which is really why I grabbed the Witch.
  11. I thought the same thing when OPD was talking, that new formulas where going to ge released, a bit like Romman...I only tried a few of the old smiley flavors, and honestly I would have bought a few of the new ones, had the price not gotten the jack it had...maybe I was wrong though, maybe they just repackaged the old stuff.
  12. I'm not sure about that rust thing. I had one MYA hose ever rust on me, and it was because I didn't try it out after washing it. I've washed my others over and over again, and they were fine...just had to make sure I REALLY got that water out though.
  13. I thought the price was a little ridiculous until the picture loaded of the jar...damn thats a nic jar, lol. I think I might pick one of these up, the sweet and sour. If its what it says, It might be worth it. The only thing is, I'd rather have an option to buy it WITHOUT the jar...a refill.
  14. I literaly have twelve of those little containers sitting next to me...they work awesome, the only thing is after a while the airtightness starts to go down with time. But really, how long are you intending to keep this shisha around?
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