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  1. A few years back, I got a Mya QT. At the time, the bottom of the vase was very thin and prone to breakage. Have the QT vases changed any over the past three or so years?
  2. noodle

    Hi again!

    Nah. I was just frustrated by my inability to get a hookah to taste like anything other than dust.
  3. noodle

    Hi again!

    Hi guys. It's been a long time, but whee! My login still works!
  4. It's sort of a course weave burgundy fabric. If I can find similar fabric, a patch might not be too noticable.
  5. noodle


    Some other thoughts: Acquire some poop from a big dog or improvise. Get a dog toy of the sort that a big dog would like. Chain it to the back of your car and drag it around for a while to make it look used. Get a big dog water dish. Put these around your house outside to make it look like a big dog lives there. Because you're under 21, you cannot legally get a handgun. Because you're 18, you can get a long gun. Rifles are not terribly good choices for home defense because of overpenetration concerns. This leaves you with shotguns. Models like the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 are the most common models for home defense and are relatively cheap. Also ask the gun shop about training and get some. Everyone should know how to use firearms in an emergency.
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    [quote name='Ed Molt' timestamp='1340211660' post='549661'] Another thing is one of the scariest sound an intruder can hear is theracking of a pump shotgun. They make beanbag rounds and rubber buckshot rounds, but that may just piss them off if they strung out on something. I would rather just make sure they stay down by udeing regular buckshot. edm [/quote] Buckshot might not be a good choice for overpenetration concerns. #5 birdshot would be just as effective and tend not to go through walls.
  7. noodle


    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1340112780' post='549568'] Call the police, and they will tell you that no patrols are in the area and it will take an hour for anyone to show up. Call them 5 minutes later, and tell them to not send any patrols, because you shot the burglars dead. Patrols will show up in 5 minutes. [/quote] People have done stuff like that and found themselves with charges of calling in a false report.
  8. I'll try it again tomorrow with the pico phunnel. I have a webcam, so I'll try taking a video of the whole process. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for repairing the hole I melted into a club chair? I sat down on the hose, which caused the hookah to tip and dump the coal in between the seat cushion and the chair side. The hole isn't visible until you sit down, and then not until you feel around your left hip. I still feel bad about it because the chair's not mine.
  9. I tried again three times tonight with the pico phunnel, flying saucer, and the regular Egyptian bowl. Nothing works.
  10. This latest time round I used Chronic Hookah instant light coals. The pipe is a Mya QT and the hose is a standard Mya. It's all clean and airtight. There aren't any funky smells. About burning, how can I tell if that's happening? When I peeled the foil off the bowl, a layer of shisha stuck to the underside and I got a smell of burnt food. If I did burn the shisha, how do I avoid doing so later? About these CH coals, they don't instant-light very easily. I held one over my pipe lighter until the latter got too hot to handle. Then I went to the stove and they very quickly started sizzling like I expected. I suppose a torch lighter would make things easier, but I don't have one.
  11. noodle

    My Bowls

    From left to right:[list] [*]HJ Alien Flying Saucer [*]HJ Alien Mini Phunnel [*]Nameless regular Egyptian [*]Tangiers Pico Phunnel [*]Tangiers Small Phunnel[attachment=5871:DCP_4700.JPG] [/list]
  12. I don't smoke my hookah very much -- probably because I can't seem to get any pleasure out of it. My latest attempt was over the past hour. I got myself a Pico Phunnel and an HJ Alien Phunnel and decided to start with the Alien thinking that the shallower bowl would make it easier for the flavors to vaporise. All this time I've been using some Al Fakher peach. It smells decent enough, but it tastes like dust. This time I packed the bowl tightly. The taste was a little bit there, but nowhere near the blast of cool fruit that I get at a hookah lounge. Should I just toss out the 150 or so grams left of this and try something else? I tried Tangiers Horchata, but that one tasted like a bad campfire and I traded it for some of the stuff listed below. Other stuff I have:[list] [*]Golden Layalina (Paradise Island) (about 25g) [*]Al Fakher Peach (50g) [*]Romman Vanilla (50g) [*]Hookah-Hookah Orange (one shot tub thingy) [*]Al Amir Cherry (50g) [*]Al Fakher Grape with Mint (250g) [*]Al Fakher Berry (250g) [/list] All of these are at least two or three years old. I think I'll reach for my trusty Stanwell and some well-aged Penzance now. Please advise.
  13. noodle

    How To Start?

    The Mya QT is a specific model made by Mya. That "smaller" one is not actually a "QT", but a "Petit" . Look here: http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/hookah-shisha-by-mya-c-293.html. Before buying anything, drop by a hookah lounge and rent a hookah to see if you actually like it. If you don't like it, you won't have hookah stuff lying around to get rid of. Another thing to remember is that Mya hookahs are made of chromed brass, not stainless steel. For some screwy reason this error continues to be propagated by hookah sellers.
  14. Last time I looked at Sahara Smoke hookahs, they seemed to have repeated problems of threads stripping out and outright breaking. I looked at the website just now and it seems that they're machining stems out of stainless steel. Does anyone here have any of these new stems? Are they any good?
  15. I purchased a 100g jar of Shiazo mango steam stones about a week ago and I just don't like the smell. No stones have been removed or smoked/steamed. It's for sale for $7 plus shipping from California.