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  1. fumari is the best shisha around...i can´t see why everbody praise tangiers..is peapol payd to like it?
  2. have one of those but with another stem the one with the flower on it. it does not only look really really good it smokes super to..the only problem is that the stem is not solid its i small pipe inside the outer pipe.
  3. tanks everbody...sorry to miss lead you a live in sweden. but my friend is going to visit Chicago soon thats why i askt....
  4. Thanks for the info i will do that......
  5. i´m thinking of buying a mya hookah does any one have any first hand knowledge of it?Lebanese or Egyptian bowl? is it possible to have them chage the top so its a lebanese bowl fitts if its a egyptian? Or does anyone have a better hookah to suggest?   Danken
  6. hello as the subject says does any one know a good hookah retail shop and a lounge that is nice..preferably that sale quality hookahas like mya or other quality brands in Chicago IL...the retail shop does not need to have a lounge and the other way around... Danken  
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    ----- passion fruit   i´m sorry about the spelling  
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    hello i have smoked some flavors my absolute favrite orange with oragne jucie in the wase the best smoke ever...guava is really nice to.. a simpel list and my likings of the flavors i tryed + = well worth buying -/+ = nothing special but still worht trying if you have the opportunity - = not worht trying   +++++ Orange, guava, watermelon, white peach ---/+++ fumari, tutti frutti french vanilla, bannana, coconut
  9. danken

    Mya Saray Hookahs

    where can you buy Mya Saray hookahs??
  10. if your going to pick upp some fumari, you can´t miss guava and orange. Orange with orange juice in the base is the best smoke i ever...
  11. danken

    Fumari Chocolate Chip

    as said watermelon is really nice. and guava is a great to... but the best flavor is premium orange with orange jucie in the base
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    with sorry....
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    you should mix it white water......