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  1. Everett WA There was a place I had gone too less than 1 year ago located in Belltown of Seattle called Zaina's? Last I heard they were going to shut down due to health regulations of smoking within 20ft of the bar. Ridiculous!
  2. Wow! Thanks for all the information! It'll definitely help. As for hookah type, it doesn't really matter. I'm don't want to go too cheap. Just trying to find the best quality. I'd like to spend less than $100. I'm also looking for something around 30" or so. I've visit some of the sites and found some interesting KM hookahs. One hose will do for me. I intend to smoke with a small amount of people. Type of room I'll be smoking in will mostly take place in my downstairs den which is quite large. Or during the summer time on my deck. I don't know if that matters much? I'll definitely go with different shisha brands at 50g. My friend had first introduced me to the hookah & I fell in love with it immediately! I learned how to blow "O"s and I don't even smoke anything else! I do believe he used THREE KINGS. & they worked just fine. Then again, I don't know what's good & what's not. Though I've read a couple postings that others recommended CoCo Naras. Have any of you tried them? If so, what do you think of them compared to THREE KINGS? Also, for the little things that may make a difference.. Should I buy a seperate hose that comes with the hookah? I've read that some come with leather hoses & that you CANT wash it because it's leather? Do you prefer foil or metal screens? Why? Thanks alot!
  3. Hey! I'm fairly new to the hookah. Smoked it several times now I plan on making my first hookah purchase! I was wondering if any one can give me a few tips on where to purchase a hookah (websites), what type of coals should i use (preferably quick lighting coals), best brand of shisha, etc. What's better, what's best. Quality. I've been to local smoke shops & their products didn't appeal to me much. So, if you got any tips, suggestions, please help me out here! Thanks!
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