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  1. Minnesota Hookah Official Thread!

    Just received my package from MNHookah, everything is perfect as usual.. I even received an extra 50g. ! Will order from you guys again soon ! Thanks
  2. Canadian Smokers

    Quebec City, QC
  3. Nah Kava is illegal in Canada, but i take a kratom tea with shisha sometimes
  4. What Do You Want To Drink?

    I always take a tea when I go to the hookah lounge Energy drinks are a good idea too... If you had soft drinks (pepsi's ones) i'd take one of 'em and water! The hookah lounge here always serve a jug of water when you take a hookah
  5. Hookah Bliss Part 1

    Wow very nice place. I really like it.. Looks a little like the hookah lounge I go here in Quebec.. Where is this located? Anyway, Good luck!
  6. They don't ship to Canada?? I really really want a long handle MYA hose
  7. mnhookah

    I just received my order from MN this morning : 250g Al Waha orange, 250g Al Waha apple, 250g Al Waha strawberry and the three kings box that was missing in my previous order.. And, they sent me 50g of Havana tropical strawberry/banana for free ! That, is nice.. As always, all items were wrapped in gift paper.. They even putted name tags on 'em ! And the package was sent as 'Holiday Gifts' .. No problem with Canadian customs.. It's the third time I order from MN.. First time was 500g of Tangiers. Second time, it was 2 funnels(small, medium) 1.25Kg of havana and alfakher + 2box of three kings.. I never had any problems with customs dealing with these guys. Mnhookahs are the best guys I made business with and i'll continue to order from them!
  8. Going out of business Sale!

    QUOTE (yashman19)Let me know if you run out of any of the things I ordered if you can. Once again, sorry to hear about the business. Oh same here please Elite..
  9. Going out of business Sale!

    Just placed an order for 2 box of coals and 250 of King Moassel 2 pears 6$ for a box of three kings.. That's a good price!
  10. my MNhookahs order

    Wow nice order man! make sure to post pics! I just ordered Al waha orange, strawberry and apple from MN.
  11. Arrr if he could ship to Canada, I would definitively buy a case or 2 !
  12. Lake Louise is in Alberta, Canada.. In Banff National Park. Edit: Oh and, nice pic bro.. I never had the chance to go to Lake Louise.. one day
  13. Shipping to Canada

    I asked Steve for a Al Waha box and he didn't want to ship outside the US
  14. I say go with MN.. I ordered from them 2 times now and everything went fine.. I ordered from hookah-shisha 2 times and got charged once + they don't have the funnels. MN have Havana, Al Fahker and Tangiers tobbacco.. I think he have some al waha too but not sure. go to www.mnhookahs.com for prices.. Oh and there's a 10% discount for hookahforum.com members.