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  1. DownZero

    All My New Shisa -= )

    Nice order. I'm sure you will enjoy Smiley's Prickley Pear. It's awesome. Everyone who I have asked to try it loved it. Even people who hate smoking. HAH. That Sahara's Banana Milk is pretty good also, I was shocked since when I tried it... I had never heard of the flavor or brand.
  2. DownZero


    I really enjoy their Special apple and black grape.
  3. DownZero

    Top Ten Flavors

    Second: SB Peach Nominate: Smiley's Prickley Pear
  4. DownZero

    Awesome Place I Ordered From

    I'm happy the site has launched. I'm really enjoying the Prickley Pear and Horchata shisha. I will definitely order more Pear and want to try more flavors from Smiley. Good stuff. I also want to try the glass screen.
  5. I don't think the discount applies to Starbuzz @ MNHookahs. With MNHookahs, I'm sure you will get them before Saturday. Enjoy the smoke.
  6. DownZero

    My Monstrous Phunnel Bowl

    The phunnel is pretty big. I only whip it out during big gatherings. It seems you are doing it right... I mean, if you are getting good smoke. There are several techniques for the phunnel bowl. The bowl is meant to save the juices that tend to bleed down the regular bowls and makes the flavor last longer. When something is wrong, you will feel the draw to be difficult. The reason being that the foil is blocking the big hole. A lazy fix is to just place a toothpick or something through the foil and force the foil to be separated from the hole. By the way, I caught your sarcasm.
  7. DownZero

    Upset And Bleeding

    Man, thats terrible. I would have been so pissed.
  8. There is a sour apple or green apple out there that tastes like sour apple candies. They are pretty good.... I could go for some now actually.
  9. Sooo... like Mexico! You take back your empty bottles of coke and in return you get filled bottles of coke for a minimal price.
  10. DownZero


  11. DownZero

    The Dumbest Questions You've Heard.

    I was a customer care agent for Comcast Digital Phone and let me say that I have heard many dumb questions (so many that I forgot a lot of them) and talked to many ignorant people, which amazed me how dumb the world is. lol. Anyways, a lady had called in inquiring about her caller i.d... that only one name comes up. She asked, "Why does my caller i.d. only show one name and number, John Doe (555)555-5555?" Yeah, she didn't take off the example sticker from the caller i.d... Was a good laugh. THis isn't a dumb question really... just really funny.. I answer the phone call - "THank you for calling Comcast Digital Phone, my name is Eddie. May I have the telephone number on your account please?" Then the person calling starts punching in the number on his telephone as if he was responding to an automated system.... I had to put the phone on mute cause I was laughing so hard.. it was great. Things like that make a terrible job into greatness.
  12. DownZero

    Help Telling Parents About Hookah Smoking

    You out of everyone should know how your parents would react. Some parents are very understanding and some are complete opposite. Your father seems to be understanding. He disagrees but lets you live your life and the fact that it is just tobacco (not that it's healthy) should make it a very small issue. It is better to come out and say that you smoke shisha because if you don't and they come across the hookah, they will freak out. They will think it's for illegal use and be extremly worried till they confront you about it. If your mother smokes or father, ask them to try it. A few of my friends have done that and now smoke w/ their father or mother. Good luck and hope your mother understands.
  13. QUOTE (Allia22 @ Mar 8 2007, 03:12 PM) QUOTE (cypherkk @ Mar 8 2007, 02:47 AM) man, you guys are making me want to spend money and get some of this stuff. DO IT!!! XD lol... Definitely.
  14. DownZero

    Cobra Hoses

    Cobras look awesome, well some do. But the quality of them aren't very good. Mya hoses draw nicely, can get some nice looking handles and they are washable. I have the XL handle Mya and I love it. All my friends enjoy it as well. It's great because people who see the hose at first are like, "is this really neccessary? It's really big." Then while smoking they just say that it's the greatest thing since you don't have to lift your hand to smoke.
  15. I just tried both the prickley pear and horchata. They are great. Horchata is different and it's good to have that variety. Great job! I am ready to try any new shisha you have in store.