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  1. SanguineSolitude

    Tell His Aussie Arse Obama

    did anyone notice that kazhakstan sent 25 soldiers. its like "no really guys we've got it, thanks anyways"
  2. SanguineSolitude

    Bush- "the Decider"

    i believe the v for vendetta quote you were looking for was that "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." which is a very true statement. Locke, jefferson, Washington, etc. would all have agreed with it, after all when their government went corrupt they broke away from it with force.
  3. SanguineSolitude

    Hillary's First Nite In The Whitehouse

    yeah not sure i see why so many republicans have this strange fear of Hillary, sure she doesnt seem like the kind of person I would like to just hang out with, but yeah i'd trust her not to fuck up as president. Given the candidate choice the Repubs gave us in 2000 and 2004, and continue to blindly support, I'll take just about anyone willing to explore new options. (and no sending more troops and further cutting taxes isnt a new direction.)
  4. SanguineSolitude

    Democrats Baby!

    haha evans. I think obama could make a good president, and lets face it, even stunning mediocrity will look good by comparison after this president.
  5. SanguineSolitude

    Any Athletes / Outdoors People?

    i play rugby and workout/jog 4 or 5 times a week. smoking isnt a big deal as long as you do it in moderations. a couple times a week isnt gonna harm you much or affect your performance.
  6. SanguineSolitude

    Male Or Female Tips

    youre saying instead of that lame green cobra action figure thing, like a penis mouthpiece? someone needs to buy a dildo, hollow it out, and make it into the handle of their hose. maybe you could make it so it just slides over a mya metal tip hose's handle. That would be a hilarious thing to have.
  7. SanguineSolitude

    Samples Galore

    yeah i havent gotten mine yet either
  8. SanguineSolitude

    Bush- "the Decider"

    Hitler funded volkswagen, (the peoples car) provided employment for nearly all germans, brought much needed infrastructure to germany (like roads, dams, railways,) funded scientific research that is still used today (jet engines anyone?,) and his policies focused on family values. And he catapulted the german economy from nothingness into a world power in a matter of years. apart from the so called family values, his good things actually are better than Bush's. Now im not saying Hitler was a good guy, far from it, he was a horrible human being. My point is that letting someone off the hook because they did something good isnt good logic. Bush messed up in a big way and his blunder has cost thousands of US troops their lives and hundreds of thousands of iraqis their lives. Whats worse is that he is only starting to admit some mistakes were made (6 years into this thing he figures it out) but isnt doing anything that will help. I think he has this idea that the terrorists have a limited number of fighters, when it seems clear to most people that the longer he wages war in another country, the more people will turn against the US becoming "terrorists" in Bush's eyes. "terrorist" being defined as anyone who fights against the US.
  9. SanguineSolitude

    Bush- "the Decider"

    what did we accomplish in afghanistan? we took to task those people who attacked us on 911 right? like osama bin... and we secured peace in the region right? even though the taliban is regaining strength as people realize life under them (like under sadaam in iraq) was a hell of a lot better than it is now.
  10. wait 2 hookahs is a problem?
  11. SanguineSolitude

    Hookah Hogg

    theres no definite rule. but in general you should keep the hose for a minute or two and then pass. its not competitive and you dont wanna limit it to a number of hits really. usually i would say every 7-8 puffs pass it. the more people on a hookah, the shorter the time each person should spend with the hose. but really more than 6 people to one hookah is too many.
  12. SanguineSolitude

    Pics Of My Separated Qt Base

    one day god one day.
  13. SanguineSolitude


    get a socialsmoke egyptian or a mya hookah. hookahshisha have ok hookahs, but nothing outstanding. nothing i would pay the kind of prices they are asking for them anyways.
  14. SanguineSolitude

    Pics Of My Separated Qt Base

    what other hookahs have you owned? im not overly impressed with my QT though its not a bad pipe. I do think MYA is a bit overrated here. though still good pipes
  15. SanguineSolitude

    Another One Of My Hookah Ideas.

    if you like really really cold smoke, then yes it would be worth it. if you dont, then no.