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  1. Awesome find man, I love that hose! I just checked my craiglist to see if there was any hidden gems, no luck.
  2. PhxKarma

    "Ground Zero" Mosque?

    While I may not agree with the buildings location, it's still their right as a citizen to build it there and practive their faith. We go around the world building chruches in other countries, and they don't necessiarly like it either.
  3. PhxKarma

    My New New Mya.

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1282823427' post='480351'] yup. if you could stabilize it. [/quote] That would be scary, but an interesting sight to see.
  4. I know there is a variety of hookah bowls available, I am trying to see which type of bowl is best for which type of shisha, for example I know tangiers is best smoked out of a phunnel, are there any other "rules" such as that one when it comes to bowls? What is the difference between the vortex and phunnel bowls? Also, how are the phunnels that H-S sells, are they as good as the ones Tangiers makes?
  5. PhxKarma

    My New New Mya.

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1282822766' post='480348'] you can add even more pieces to the stem if its a tank. [/quote] In theory, coulnd't you keep adding on section after section until you end up with a 10foot stem?
  6. QUOTE (delSol_si @ Aug 1 2009, 10:38 PM) My QT for 37.99 obo + shipping: http://cgi.ebay.com/MYA-QT-light-blue-hook...4#ht_880wt_1054 http://cgi.ebay.com/MYA-QT-green-hookah-in...4#ht_880wt_1054 http://cgi.ebay.com/MYA-QT-pink-hookah-in-...4#ht_880wt_1054 But free shipping would be cool. They want $13 for shipping, so that would come out to just over $50. I could do $50 shipped, or maybe I can see if I can get a better shipping rate. I wonder why people take the time to list items on ebay, but leave it with a ugly description of the product?
  7. QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Jul 31 2009, 08:16 AM) Good luck. I don't buy much online but I can tell you that if I'm spending my money over the internet with no face to face interaction then I need GREAT (not just adequate) customer service and a friendly demeanor. And of course competitive pricing. As for the QT deal, free shipping takes the cost down but if you're selling QTs after the deal for 50 bucks a pop that's a little on the steep side. Good luck! If I sell them without the shipping, they would be going for $37.99 + Shipping. I am still working on the MYA QT deal, I might just offer the free shipping to forum members.
  8. QUOTE (redjako @ Jul 31 2009, 01:31 AM) Some differentiation could be lots of Packages, tailored to a theoretical customer: Travel / party hookah pack (QT, quicklites, lighter tobacco (though your not selling baccy yet)) Luxury Mid-range, I don't know..label it better then "luxury" and "mid," but, maybe you see the point. A nice..."Guru" pack of a large MZ with tang phunnel, good Japanese coals. You'll want to look into (probably already have) the mess of other online shops and find a few places where you can really shine. Since hookah is just now really blowing up in the US CA etc, customer service and a niche would serve you well. Start googling SEO basics and SEM basics. Help your web traffic get up in the rankings: Note how hookahforum is almost Always #1 in a product search..organic SEO. I own and operate 6 different websites right now, lots of experience with SEO, granted I only make about $100/month right now from affiliates and advertising, but my sites rank well, and I could eventually turn them in to real money makers if I had the desire or time, but I would rather focus my attention on this project. I have a few ideas for packages, but until I get my tobacco license, I am limited on options. I also decided to carry the MZ HORAS A and a unique MZ I have yet to see anywhere else for sale. I might also pick up a rotating MZ to check the quality.
  9. Here are the MZ's I decided on for my first order: Magdy Zidan Safari 26" Magdy Zidan Medium Pharaoh 28" Magdy Zidan Perpetual River (Nile) 28" Magdy Zidan Nefertiti 34"
  10. QUOTE (Zinite @ Jul 27 2009, 08:26 AM) Safari and Perpetual River. You might want to keep your inventory low since most likely there isn't going to be a mad rush of people buying from you day 1. I am starting small for this reason, I am not looking to open a full blown online store right now, I just want to offer a variety of products, and make the customers happy. I am starting with around 30 hookahs, once they sell, I will order more. QUOTE (714xDGAFxKING @ Jul 27 2009, 03:48 PM) hookah shops are dime a dozen but if you can make ripples in the water then splash away!! what made you want to open a hookah business?? why not look into opening a hookah bar instead. i know some hookah bar owners and there is pretty good money to be made in that field. you just have to fork out ALOT at first. I would love to open a hookah bar, but I have no reasonable way of acquiring the assets to open a business like that. I worked the numbers for months, and there is just no way I can swing it. QUOTE (speel @ Jul 27 2009, 05:54 PM) *sigh* another west coast online shop..I hate all of you .. not really On a more serious note, what can you guys bring to the table that other online stores don't have? No worries man, not looking to put anyone out business, just friendly competition. I am hoping to introduce more MZ's into the market, ever since I picked up a Pharaoh.
  11. Now I get what is going on, sorry for the confusion! What MZ's do you guys reccomend? I am thinking of going with the Medium or Large Pharaoh, Neferitti, and Perputual River for now, I am not familiar with some of the other ones.
  12. QUOTE (Zinite @ Jul 26 2009, 07:30 AM) QUOTE (PhxKarma @ Jul 26 2009, 01:32 AM) Why did the word MF change to MF in my post? The mods changed it. MF isn't an allowed word - check the trade section for more information. You're going to have a tough time using MF for anything tobacco related. Awhile ago we tried to get a group Mya Mini buy going, but MF shut the account with all the money down because people were putting www.hookahforum.com in the comment section. There was no tobacco changing hands, just the pipes. Right...
  13. Why did the word change to MF in my post?
  14. QUOTE (Zinite @ Jul 25 2009, 10:55 PM) QUOTE (PhxKarma @ Jul 25 2009, 07:14 PM) Right now I am considering just using MF, the checkout itself will take you through MF or I can intergrate my own cart. The particular money service you are talking about does not allow for the sale of tobacco. Link to their terms of service [Our service] may not be used to purchase or sell tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco, due to the many difficulties inherent in assuring that tobacco sales comply with applicable laws. I am not selling tobacco yet, due to issues obtaining the tobacco license. I am only using MF for now until I can set up a merchant account and process CC directly on my site.