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  1. Tangiers peach is one of my favorites I don't inhale because I enjoy the shisha for the flavor not the buzz. Remember that you can get a nicotene buzz without inhaling.
  2. steve07

    Hookah Music Mix

    usally I listen to a little tool or old led zepplen
  3. steve07

    When Is A Bowl Done?

    when you want to puke because you can't take it anymore
  4. steve07

    Popular Tabaccos?

    Tangiers by far the best but don't smoke it for the buzz I smoke it for the awsome flavor
  5. Well once again I got busy, and was away for a couple of months. Things have changed again now it is going to take me awile to figure things out and catch up.
  6. steve07


  7. Thought I knew how to add a picture pm me if you can help me
  8. this is me in my cramp quarters just before I went to work[/img]
  9. Well, if some off you know I've been off the forum for about 7 months (metioned in my last posting) well I basically quit smoking a hookah during this time period. Last night I dug out my Tangiers Red Tea and fired it up in my music room(aka. Wife, kids get away room.). I tell you I"ve had this shisha for about 10 months and like fine wine or in Eric's case good Scotch this stuff drastically improve with age, it was one of my favorites when I got it. I had it stored in glass containers that seal with a rubber gasket. I never store shisa in plastic for any length of time because o2 premeates plastic over time( thats why I never bottle my beer in plastic or ferment it to long in plastic). so if you Have patience store some for awhile and see what happens. Wrote a review on tangiers red tea awhile ago search it out.
  10. steve07

    Tangiers trade, anyone?

    Love Tangiers red tea I have some for trade if you want in the future always keep it in stock.
  11. steve07

    Red Wine Vinegar for Hoses

    Try a little baking soda and water that always helps me remove foul odors.
  12. steve07


    I order online all the time because dearborn is a 2 hour drive for me and Grand Rapids don't have much. but if your interested in a trade let me know were in the same state.
  13. steve07

    I'm back

    I thought life started at 40 What can't hear you Eric let me put the horn in my ear