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  1. Hookah Wiki?

    skype... it's a teleconferencing program... some people called in on phones, others connected through the computer. They even had a gift package for one lucky winner...
  2. Hookah Wiki?

    Well, the dude actually came from this forum. Shit, he hosted some chats on skype with tangiers and such... it was cool... but life hit him and he kinda had to stop hookahing and such. He offered to sell the site but no one took it and so here we are with the template but no more updating
  3. Silicone

    Yes, but, silicone is SO much nicer. I, too, hate my rubbers.
  4. Look At A Mya

    I think if you actually just contact mya they can give you the discount... like throught the phone or something... and i think other sites have that same hookah, just don't get it from genuine hookahs
  5. Which Do You Prefer?

    Hmm... hard one... I love coke alot and is probably what i have mostly now a days... if I need to have a diet, I go for a diet pepsi... I usually like alot of the store brands, esp the money that you save from getting them... and then there's mountain dew
  6. Woot!

    120gb hd vs 60 gb too And I don't know what crackheads live in FL, but in the rest of the country that I've seen, it's an ASS load of PS3s out, wiis gone in an hour tops
  7. Woot!

    Basically... limited edition black, 120 gb harddrive, and built in HDMI And I sold my Wii to get this elite
  8. Woot!

    Yeah, it doesn't have the built in HD player... but now they still give gamers the CHOICE whether they want to pay for that technology or not. Atleast if you get the new HD for it, it has migration cables to switch everything. Think of it this way, HD for the premium costs $100... and it cost $400... the HD for the elite costs $180 and the system costs $480... I mean, you can try to sell your old HD or something worst case... but I almost did the same thing as you and bought the premium a while back, glad that I waited. And yes, GoD, the elite does amuse me alot, you'll like it
  9. Woot!

    Getting tired of it or just need money?
  10. Havana

    I love havana! Great luck with mint, and it's not uber minty for those of you who don't like alot... but those like me that do like alot of mint, this still suffices. And I've had a really easy time with heat management... what bowl are you using?
  11. Woot!

    Ok, so they just came out today and I got one Friggin woot for the 360 and now I can get my own acheivements instead of just on other people's consoles haha. Anyways, if you wanna add me my gamertag is ArdvarkOfDoom
  12. Yes, you need to clean it... think of all the factory gunk and stuff that's inside it
  13. Wii

    Wow, what a fucking retard. I'm sorry, if you throw the remote, much less through a tv, you're a fucking retard. I can see hitting people and or objects around you with your arm or something.... but c'mon.
  14. Wii

    I Love my Wii... andI'm glad that I got it and it's good for party games and some other games, esp. downloading old games and playing game cube games... but I'm gonna get a 360 whenever I can just because my main game base of FPS online (HALO, BITCHES) is only 360... and guitar hero just came out for 360 too internet from consoles is ruled by 360 right now and it's nice because it can do things between your computer and the console
  15. Hookah Bliss Part 1

    Very nice... woot, for mushy!