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  1. hookahseattle

    Washington State Smokers Wa

    QUOTE (VdubGTI @ Jan 21 2009, 12:22 PM) Edmonds Wa The rabbit hole was my favorite while it was open, the owner was super cool, then he had some stuff happen and sold it to some kids who ran it into the ground. It was on 46th & Roosevelt in the U district. The kids that owned it were a frat house from the UW, not to sure which one they were but it was the rich frat. So with the Rabbit hole/night owl, whatever it shall be named, who is the owners for this so called reopen? Im glad to see that it is getting opened back up.
  2. hookahseattle

    Starbuzz Worth It?

    Starbuzz is very worth it!!! I love the flavors they offer from them. If your going to get a starbuzz for the first time and a\like some fruit I would totally get blue mist. Margarita is very nice, we put lime in the base to add a little more flavor. Starbuzz is probley my favorite!!!! A question to other people is has any body tried starbuzz watermelon???
  3. hookahseattle

    Washington State Smokers Wa

    There might be some the they will be closing down cause washington has passed a new law, making sure the the hookah bars that are open get closed
  4. hookahseattle

    Washington State Smokers Wa

    Does anybody else think that it is messed up that in the state of washington we are no longer able to have Hookah bars or place of that type???? I think that since people are making the choice to go to this place knowing that there will be smoke that they should get the hell out before for throwing a bitch fit about how its hurting there health.
  5. I love Hookah and Hookah Love me.