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  1. alice

    The S**t Has Hit The Fan

    Ugh. I hope you charge him "major party foul" tax.
  2. alice

    This Is A Sad Tale

    Yeah seriously, I'd buy the Wii from you and you can go get yourself a nice, shiny, new hookah. ....If I wasn't so poor right now.
  3. alice

    St. Patties Day

    QUOTE (Bushbr @ Mar 17 2008, 05:04 AM) bars all over te world are opeing early tomorrow, selling green beer, leprachauns are dancing, if they canged it.... nobody told us Yeah, that's because no one listens to the Catholic Church I didn't believe it at first either. A couple links earlier in this thread mentioned it. Pretty much everyone who isn't an Irish bishop is going to recognize St. Patrick's day as tomorrow, anyway. I don't know why they bothered.
  4. alice

    St. Patties Day

    QUOTE (Bushbr @ Mar 17 2008, 05:38 AM) QUOTE (alice @ Mar 16 2008, 09:28 PM) I think it's bullshit that St. Patrick's Day was on the 15th this year, so I'm going to celebrate tomorrow anyway. Probably with Jager bombs. A good way to start Spring Break, I say. St. Patricks day IS tomorrow most cities just had the parades and bar crawls yesterday because it was the weekend, and its easier to get shit faced on a saturday then a monday I'm pretty sure the Catholic Church changed it this year because it would have interfered with Holy Week.
  5. alice

    Dirty Car...

    That's pretty awesome.
  6. alice

    Woman Pried From Boyfriend's...

    We live in a sick, sad world
  7. Al Waha After Nine Romman Good Times Romman Sweet Start Fumari Passion Fruit
  8. Daaaang, I've gotta keep this in mind.
  9. alice

    St. Patties Day

    I think it's bullshit that St. Patrick's Day was on the 15th this year, so I'm going to celebrate tomorrow anyway. Probably with Jager bombs. A good way to start Spring Break, I say.
  10. Fumari Fakhfakhina. Yummm.
  11. alice

    *th Post Thread

    100! ....After two years.... I've been kind of in and out of the forums. Mostly "out".
  12. alice

    Friends Pissed Me Off

    Ugh, I get that all the time too, when friends of my roommates come over. I tell them I don't use hookah for that. "What? What do you put in it, then?"
  13. alice

    Smoking Alone

    I never smoke alone ... my cats are always there Ever since I got my bambino a few weeks ago, I've been smoking pretty much every day, with other people or not. It's relaxing and has made my end-of-the-quarter homework less excruciating.
  14. alice

    Bad Day At Work

    QUOTE (Unrelenting @ Feb 13 2008, 05:00 AM) When customers whip their chredit cards in your face to can , when theres a reader right next to them... It's always fun when people slide their cards through the reader before I've even logged into the register, when the reader says "CLOSED" on the screen. Then they slide it again when it asks you for either your club card, or to hit cancel. Then they slide it a third time when it actually counts, and whine about having to slide their card repeatedly because "the machine's not working right". Oh no! Think of all the wasted energy! If only the machine could transmit its requests directly into your mind instead of displaying them clearly on a screen for you to look at and read! Whenever customers stare at the reader on the screen where you select how you're paying and ask something like "How do I pay with debit?" I don't know how to say "Touch the button that says 'debit'" without sounding like a jackass. I mean, there are only like four options, clearly labeled, with massive touch-screen buttons. It's worse when they ask "How do I pay with cash?!" "Remember in the old days, when you would just hand someone like me your money? Yeah, it's like that." Of course, I don't actually say that, instead I demand "Gimme your money!!" which is kind of cool I guess... I have the same kind of brain farts too, though, so I can't really blame them.