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    Australian Members

    I'm in Adelaide. I would be supplying Starbuzz, Al Fakher and Nalkah and possibly Tangiers at this stage. I will do whatever I possibly can to provide Al Fakher and Nalkah cheaper than what it is available at in the stores. Starbuzz and Tangiers will be expensive because of the tax that is incurred but I hope to supply a very wide range of flavours in all of the brands. I would also be looking to have MYA acrylic and QT hookahs in stock and various accessories. I would also offer a discount to members of this forum. Thanks for your support guys keep it up the more people that show it the better!
  2. joshstar

    Australian Members

    The advantages of ordering from an Australian site is you wont have to worry about customs seizing your order and then charging you tax on it. You could also possibly get in trouble for not declaring it and incur large fines. The shipping times would be greatly reduced, all orders would be posted that working day. I would also strive to provide the best customer service. ok! so far thats two people.. unfortunatley im going to need a lot more expressing their interest before I know that I would be able to cover expenses.
  3. joshstar

    Australian Members

    *bump* I need more interest expressed on this forum for this to go ahead. Please post if your interested. Thanks
  4. joshstar

    Australian Members

    If there are others like Nidal on this forum that live in Australia and are interested in an online retail site please post on this thread! The margins will be very low because of Australia's high tax fees so hopefully there is enough interest for it to be worth it. I have wanted to import tobacco here for a long time and have looked into it quite a lot. Especially premium tobacco brands like Starbuzz and Tangiers. What other brands would everyone be interested in? I intend to give a very extensive range and supply all hookah forum members with a discount. What companies would you guys suggest concerning importing Tangiers? I've emailed 4 but i am yet to receive a reply. Unfortuantely the place that I intend to import Starbuzz through doesnt sell Tangiers. I will contact Al Fahker and Nalkah though to see if i can import their tobacco as well to try and provide it cheaper online than it is in the stores. Although at this stage I just want to concentrate on making premium tobacco available to Australians. Any help or advice would much be appreciated.
  5. joshstar

    Australian Members

    There isn't an Australian site because it just wouldn't be viable. The tax on tobacco products here is roughly $300 dollars per kilogram of tobacco content. I'll use Starbuzz for example. A can of Starbuzz has roughly 13% tobacco content so the tax works out to roughly $9.75 tax per tin. On top of that you have to pay for GST which is 10% of the overall price+freight+insurance. There are also various lisences that you have to obtain and various legal procedures that you have to follow which cost quite a lot of money. Basically the cheapest you would be able to sell Starbuzz is about $47.50 dollars a can to make a small profit. The reason why Al Faker and Nalkah go for $20 dollars or so is because these tobaccos are purchased from the Arabic countries for as little as $1 Australian. Plus they have a lower tobacco content than Starbuzz roughly 8-10% If you are making a personal order hope that customs don't decide to charge you tax for it as you will have to pay about $13 dollars per can. I am prepared to import some premium brands of tobacco such as Starbuzz and Tangiers to Australia, set up an extensive online site and supply all flavours if there is interest. Let me know
  6. hey guys, i was wondering if any of you know of any really good mixes using just starbuzz? i'd really appreciate it. thanks!
  7. i would love a hookah gallery
  8. joshstar

    Hi from Australia!

    Hi everyone, my names josh and im 18. Im currently living in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia and im a very big hookah lover. I cant wait to start posting on this forum, regards. josh
  9. joshstar


    thanks a lot mahmoud, when it comes time to purchase it i will contact you.josh
  10. joshstar


    Mahmoud I was wondering if you ship your highly detailed crystal hookah's that sell for 800 dollars to Australia... as I am VERY VERY interested in purchasing one in the future.. thanksjosh