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  1. well i was driving down A1A (3rd street) and noticed a little place called hookah house! i havent tried it out yet but i think im going to have to get in there and check it out. i know it used to be some other mediterranian hookah restaurant place but closed up a few months back. anybody had a chance to go in there yet?
  2. Kelso

    The Meridian Hookah Lounge

    i had many many good experiences at that place. when i first started going they had ana wesome music selection and i remember saturday nights was reggea night, and they would place some of the best new reggea artists as well as old and even dabble in other genres a bit. however my friends and I went in one week and they had a bunch of new employees playing shitty music, sometimes giving slow service. the place was awesome for the price, and the general atmosphere and way the place runs has been my favorite as far as a business model. but i think the employees were getting irritated with the management of the place and it shows. they need to reevaluate how they treat the employees and everyone will love the place
  3. Kelso

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    QUOTE (popcornkid06 @ Jan 9 2009, 06:55 PM) i used itunes genius feature based off of interpol and packed some af mango I LOVE the genius on itunes! i have it on shuffle and G. Love just came on, playing "baby got sauce"
  4. theres no stoopidheads on here? slightly stoopids about to go on tour so i'll definately be there, among many other shows ill go to... i just saw whole wheat bread last week, pretty good show but the crowd was full of emo kids and none of them were into it really
  5. Kelso

    Florida Smokers Fl

    whattt thats crazy man! i actually lived on the weeki wachee river for 20 years, then moved to masaryktown just under a year ago, and now ive been in jax for like 5 or 6 weeks. so spring hill is "home" but nobody really knows what im talking about when i say im from the hill lol i think i might try to find some good lounges up here this weekend....any suggestions fom the duval county people?
  6. where do you buy your own tobacco? is it easy to find?
  7. Kelso

    Florida Smokers Fl

    just moved to jax from brooksville(tampa area) ive got a few friends that i smoke with but id love to meet some more....and i want to go to some of the local hookah lounges...and could someone send me a pm about where i could pick up accessories and stuff locally? id prefer to pick up some tobacco in a store rather than order it if i an