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  1. TheLazyRussian

    Smoke Tricks Besides Rings?

    Rings Rings through Rings Blow one ring into another ring to make it bigger (if you hit it just right) Double Rings Triple Rings if you make your mouth really wide Smoke Hearts Smoke Bubbles Cheerios (make a tiny O with your mouth and poke your cheek with your finger. You should get 30 or 40 tiny rings in one hit.) French Inhale/Waterfall Atomic Bomb Cloud (exhale some smoke straight out and inhale it all back in) NHT Line (like the Mushroom, but you plug one nostril and inhale the whole cloud in through the other nostril) That's all I can think of off of the top of my head.
  2. TheLazyRussian

    Brown Smoke! :(

    Brown smoke sounds extremely unhealthy...
  3. Not a fan of HF myself, but I hope those work out for you.
  4. TheLazyRussian

    Pain Putting The Stem Into The Vase

    Putting water on the grommet seems to work for me.
  5. The longest i've ever had a room air out is about an hour.
  6. TheLazyRussian

    Mini Mini Mini Hookah :d

    I have the bottom right one in red. Pain in the ass, annoying, barely smokes. Don't get one.
  7. There isn't much difference between the small Myas and the large Myas.
  8. TheLazyRussian

    Smoking Side Effects

    I feel fantastic after smoking a bowl or two or five.
  9. TheLazyRussian

    4 New Al Waha Flavors

    Nectarine sounds like its worth trying.
  10. TheLazyRussian


    Haha smoke bubbles are fun. I usually use a straw or part of a bottle though, never tried a wand.
  11. TheLazyRussian

    Af In Egpytian Or Phunnel?

    I switch back and forth between the two, but I mainly use my phunnel now.
  12. TheLazyRussian

    New Idea- Hope You Like It

    This sounds like an interesting idea. I'll probably try it sometime soon.
  13. TheLazyRussian

    Giving A Name

    Go for edugasm.
  14. TheLazyRussian

    Hypnosis Coals..by Starbuzz

    Hmm, I've never heard of those before. You'll have to tell us how they taste and how long they last. Seems like a good deal if they aren't shitty coals. I tried goin to hypnosistobacco.com but it looks like that site doesn't exist...
  15. TheLazyRussian

    A Good Session!

    QUOTE (Scoop @ Jan 10 2009, 02:17 PM) 18 bucks for a 250 is cheap? lol... starbuzz is such a waste of money When I first started smoking a few years ago, my friends and I were paying like $26 for a 250g. So it's...relatively cheap, I guess. Some brands out there are definitely cheaper for what you get, but SB is one of my favorite brands.