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  1. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1287113104' post='485100'] About how long it takes to light CCN halves. Chuck 'em on the stove top, pack some shisha, foil it up, make a screen, grab hot coals, get smoking. [/quote] QFT love coco halves on Egyptian bowls, finally got a bambino bowl for myself to love and enjoy .
  2. I leave for a few months and you guys are poking holes in the middle?!?! Okay I have just about seen it all now haha!! I am going to have to pack my alien with this method next bowl of the day, need to restock on coco's first. I am all about more cloudage with less ash.
  3. Alien phunnel lands on my door step today :)

  4. FamiliarJoe

    How Do I...

    [quote name='joytron' date='10 March 2010 - 10:34 AM' timestamp='1268242469' post='456367'] [quote name='thatonethere' date='10 March 2010 - 02:28 AM' timestamp='1268216891' post='456320'] Most of the tobacco stores around me sell over priced Fantasia, Starbuzz, or really old Al Waha in the 50g containers, and the last thing I would like to see is another store selling the same stuff that other stores carry (plus since the location is so close to my home, I want to make sure they stay in business by giving them the chance to offer something that I will buy). Plus I think it's about time that somebody started a hookah shop in my town (hopefully they don't sell pieces of crap). [/quote] I would tell them exactly that. [/quote] Yes, I have said this to the shop thats across the street from my apartment. They take everything I say seriously for some reason. I bring my KM in their regularly to pack a bowl of something I might have ordered online I know they have never seen/heard of/smoked before. In the end, they order me exactly what and stock the flavors I think would sell fast. It never hurts to speak up
  5. I have never smoked out of a handheld hookah, only seen them in random shops. Would you walk around with QL's on that thing or something?? o.o
  6. FamiliarJoe

    Fixed Petite!

    That this is insane..we need John to get some of these so we can buy them as petite base replacements
  7. FamiliarJoe

    Stop The Insane Tobacco Tax!

    Signed it, all the local hookah bars seem to be telling EVERYONE about this new tax. That's how I found out.
  8. FamiliarJoe

    Perfect Playlist

    [quote name='antouwan' date='02 January 2010 - 02:34 AM' timestamp='1262424842' post='442935'] laid back is the way to go. i actually acquired a turntable for the room at my place my buddies and i smoke in. we usualy toss on some jack, the radiohead-jayz mash up, the blueprint iii, or some sufjan. i know those wouldn't sound like they would go together, but we make it work... [/quote] Nice man I was playing with my buddies cheap numark setup on new years eve . Always a good time, we had my Frankenstein MYA petite/QT ripping right next to it. Wonderful..havana honey n' banana. Surprisingly not bad.
  9. FamiliarJoe

    Perfect Playlist

    [quote name='Scoop' date='29 December 2009 - 08:09 PM' timestamp='1262142549' post='442408'] in no particular order: my top dubstep picks for the year joker - purple city marchmellow - reel simple 16bit - tale of the exploding fist 16bit - swine flu emalkay - when i look at you faithless - sun to me (emalkay remix) cookie monsta - bliss doctor p - sweetshop trolley snatcha - the future [b]food for animals - mutumbo (raffertie's bigger bass remix)[/b] drumsound, simon bassline smith - R U ready (album mix) datsik - retreat (original mix) datsik - southpaw datsik - mechano bar 9 - strung out bar 9 - gunslinger dz - down giant - drumstick jakes - rock the bells. shit. i gotta go but ill add more later. [/quote] I listen to a lot of dubstep but I prefer sounds like this : Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix) Raindrops (Doorly Dubstep Remix) - Basement Jaxx Cozza Frenzy (mega-bass remix) - Bassnectar Bursting - Bassnectar Gax - Boys Noize Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt - DJ Shadow Fireworks - Beat! Beat! Beat! Dat New New (VIKING Remix)- Kid Cudi Let Love Rule (Justice Remix)- Lenny Kravitz A2 Cockney Flute Rusko Remix - Rusko Essential Mix 13th Dec 2008 - Rusko Leon Jean-Marie Bring It On (Rusko Remix)- Rusko C Custard Chucker - Rusko Kids (MGMT Cover) - The Kooks Flashback (Goldie Remix) - Calvin Harris Fall In Love - Flying Lotus Quicksand (Alex Metric Remix)- La Roux Fa-Fa-Fa - Datarock Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)- MSTRKRFT [b]Forever feat. (Kanye W, Lil Wayne, Eminem) (Steve Aoki Remix)[/b] Forever (Travis Barker Remix)- Drake [b]Pursuit Of Happiness - (Steve Aoki Dance Remix)- Kid Cudi[/b] [b]WARP 1.9 - The Bloody Beetroots [/b] [b]Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix)- The Pixies[/b] Drop The World f. Eminem - Lil' Wayne Memories (ft. KiD CuDi)- David Guetta Tik Tok (Skeet Skeet Rmx)- Kesha Homecoming ft. Chris Martin (DiscoTech Remix)- Kanye West [b]ANY DEADMAU5![/b] [i][b]MOST of the songs from the ATL RMX that was advertised on Adult Swim as a free download (get it here)[/b][/i] http://www.adultswim.com/music/atl-rmx/index.html I just copy and pasted a random playlist on my itunes.
  10. FamiliarJoe

    Hell! Mnhookah.

    [quote name='clickypoo' date='30 December 2009 - 03:42 PM' timestamp='1262212965' post='442608'] I understand that they are busy with that restaurant or w/e, but if they aren't going to ship the stuff people ordered then they really need to take down their gateway terminal so people can't keep ordering stuff. Or just freeze the site. Annoyinggggg [/quote] I think they know what they are doing.
  11. [quote name='dizzbizz' date='30 December 2009 - 02:04 PM' timestamp='1262207054' post='442585'] [quote name='rhineholt' date='30 December 2009 - 01:31 PM' timestamp='1262205096' post='442578'] Who would want to blow the state of Texas? [/quote] My ex. [/quote] Oh damn.
  12. ....someone left a HUGE tin of code 69 at my house...it's been three days and no word from them,[b]so im smoking it! [/b] Packing it as we speak in one of my egyptians. I am gonna try reducing the heat and see if I get a good session . Thanks FSU...
  13. FamiliarJoe

    Jap Coals And Tangiers

    [quote name='SloppyJoe' date='21 December 2009 - 08:41 PM' timestamp='1261453271' post='440866'] [quote name='FamiliarJoe' date='19 December 2009 - 09:03 PM' timestamp='1261274589' post='440445'] For my fellow Tangiers smokers who use Japanese coals / Golden Canaries, how do you manage your heat? I just bought another box of canaries for $17 bucks from my local shop (yikes). I can out of coco's and I still have plenty of tobacco..so I thought id give it a go for a ripping bowl . I started out with 4 coals and it seemed alright, I may have overpacked the bowl. Any suggestions with these coals would be 100% appreciated ! [/quote] I thought you were dead. Your not at the other place anymore. [/quote] im barely here anymore either . I should stop by .us... ill re add it too my bookmark toolbar
  14. This will be interesting. Keep us filled in with the details
  15. FamiliarJoe

    Jap Coals And Tangiers

    [quote name='Sonthert' date='20 December 2009 - 03:02 AM' timestamp='1261303349' post='440512'] Four on a large, centered. Three on a small, mid-bowl. Three centered or four edged on a medium. [/quote] Thank you sir.