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  1. Great B-day surprise, eh?

    sounds like an interesting place, i'll have to give it a try (the food looks good too) a little off topic but, i have to ask. whats the greek restaraunt called? i'm always looking for good places to try out...
  2. New Machine

    I'll second that choice of a hookah, I purchased one recently and haven't regretted it at all. Very very solid.The hose it comes with is really nice though so if you want to save even more money I guess you could even pass on the different hose. Although the tundora hoses look really nice and I'm considering one myself...
  3. If you can make it to steinway street in astoria there are a lot of deli's all the way down by the entrance to the grand central. Just look for the ones with hookahs in the windows. They have 3 kings coal's for cheap but they don't seem to have any shisha besides Nakhla, which is also really cheap.If anyone knows any good places to pick up tobacco in then NYC area besides Nakhla, I'd be interested too.
  4. A bit about me

    Hello,I'm new to the forum too, but I wanted to ask you about the hookah you posted a picture of. I'm in the market for a new one and I saw the same one (Khalil Mamoun) advertised on hookahcompany.com. I wanted the green one with the wide mya hose, but I was kinda suspicious of the price. It seems like a great deal and compared to other 30 inch hookah's its really cheap. So I guess I just wanted to ask if you're satisfied with it and if you got it from hookahcompany.com. I've only read good things about hookahcompany.com on tthis forum but I can't help but be a little nervous at spending my money online...