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  1. I knew I should have made that left turn in Albuquerque....

    1. Arcane
    2. mushrat


      Why father you're home from Peru. We thought you'd been run over by an elevator.
  2. tinyj316

    Hookahs For Sale

    So, I know I haven't been around in a while, but grad school, work, and life have got me going in 82934723408 different directions at any given time. That means not much time for smoking the hookah. Plus, I'm moving into a smaller place, and don't have room for everything. I'm not getting rid of everything I have, but I just don't need to have a bunch of this stuff laying around anymore. My loss is your gain. I've got a 45" blue double pear MZ (needs a new stem gasket/grommet/wtfever you call it), an amber MYA Econo QT (needs a hose gasket/grommet), a black MYA Bambino (I caught my ex-roommate smoking NHT out of it one time, after that it was locked away in my closet, not to be touched. Just talking in full disclosure), some 6-9 month old shisha (Tangiers, Nakhla, AF, Fusion, Starbuzz...mostly Nakhla and Tangiers though), hoses, and a couple bowls. These were all used fairly heavily up until about 6 months ago. The MZ has a decent amount of tarnish on the ash catchers, but its still a great looking pipe otherwise. I'd like to get rid of it in one go to save on shipping for the person who buys it, but I'll consider doing everything separately if needs be. This is going to pretty much be a fire-sale type pricing. I will NOT split the shisha up. Its kind of old, it still smells and looks good though...you could add some glycerine/honey to any dryer stuff and it should be good to go. Anyway, I'm asking $175 for everything, plus shipping. If its too high of a price, make me an offer or let me know and I can adjust accordingly. I've got well over $500 in this lot, so I'm just looking to recoup some of my investment so I can use it for moving costs. [img]http://imgur.com/TxbOF.jpg[/img] [img]http://imgur.com/QGQKG.jpg[/img] [img]http://imgur.com/14kle.jpg[/img] [img]http://imgur.com/u2Sq3.jpg[/img] [img]http://imgur.com/lvGy4.jpg[/img]
  3. I've been gone for how long?

  4. tinyj316

    Sara Palin

    [quote name='FSUReligionMan' date='13 December 2009 - 09:09 AM' timestamp='1260724177' post='438626'] As someone who actually has met Sarah Palin and Bristol I think you should show a bit more respect. You act like you, or someone you know, hasn't had sex before they were married. Do you call yourself or your friends sluts as well? Whether or not you agree with her politics you should still respect them as human beings. [/quote] I call my friends sluts... I myself am a slut... but there ain't no shame in my game... I personally don't respect Palin, not because she's marginally attractive, but because she's a fucking moron.
  5. tinyj316

    Sad Day For Sports...

    I'm not talking about win/loss... Both Bowden and Joe Pa have an older football mentality. They haven't been able to keep up with the times. That's why their assistants are so good...to make up for the mental acuity both of them have lost over the past couple decades...
  6. tinyj316

    Sad Day For Sports...

    Meh. He should have stopped coaching years ago... same goes for Joe Pa...
  7. tinyj316

    Is A Serial Killer Mentally Ill

    QUOTE (BohoWildChild @ Nov 20 2009, 02:26 PM) I saw something the other night that was supposedly based on reality. I think it was on Criminal Minds but I'm not certain. It was based on the theory that the brains of serial killers are organically different. One small portion of the frontal lobe is damaged or non-functioning as I recall. I understand that's a working theory among those who study serial killers, so maybe it's one route to investigate? If a brain is organically different then would this not qualify as mental illness? 'Rani If there is a physical difference in the way the brain forms (misshapen frontal lobe), I would classify this more as a physiological condition (brain damage). I tend to view mental illness as more of a chemical imbalance within the body/brain (too much testosterone, estrogen, serotonin, dopamine, etc). As far as the moral dilemma (having the presence of mind to know right from wrong), I don't buy that. Just because someone could be taught that killing is perfectly acceptable, the fact that our society and laws say its illegal, should dictate that there is a problem with killing someone....The point then becomes moot.
  8. tinyj316

    Ok, Thats It!

    Well, since I've never been a guest mod, I can guarantee that I didn't do it.
  9. tinyj316

    Marxism And Socialism

    QUOTE (TheScotsman @ Nov 12 2009, 09:36 AM) 4 reasons 1) Marxist/socialist/communist systems can not function in reality, as they appear on paper as long as people at any level have any form of self-interest or greed. 2) All of the above are inherently unfair systems 3) No real innovations (well, excluding gulags) ever came from the aforementioned systems. They stifle innovation, and invention. 4) I work for what I have, the deadbeats that think these systems are so good, should learn to do the same. There are no short-cuts in life, especially on the backs of other people. If you want something, get off your ass, and earn it. Thank you for validating my theory that you do not understand socialism (and to a lesser degree marxism and communism)! In rebuttal: 1) Marxism and Communism may be dead and "useless" by today's standards; however, there are still ideals of each of them in today's society. Socialism is not dead, and in fact it does function on a daily basis in many places around the world. Have you ever heard of companies that the employees are the stockholders/owners of the company? I'm sure you have... That's one of the major tenants of economic socialism! Sounds an awful like that whole capitalism thing we've got rocking for us right now. 2) Speaking of capitalism, how is that any more fair than socialism/marxism/communism? The whole "free market" system that we have has become bastardized over time to now, where corporate elites are gleaning huge profits, while the peasant class is stuck trying to make ends meet. Today's version of capitalism and free markets are akin to how it was back in the old feudal system. Its worth noting that the "free market" system was created as a way to put an end to feudalism. 3) LOL WUT? You best be trolling. There have been plenty of innovations and inventions that have been born under the socialist regime... 4) This point has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with socialism, Marxism, or communism. This is a popular misconception that was spawned out of the age of McCarthyism that was used as a means to scare people into buying what was being forced on them. You pretty much summed up your flaw in this with your statement in point 1. Many people who are "deadbeats" are only that way because the corporate elite has stifled production as a way to pad profits. This stifled production leads to job loss. Job loss leads to... you get where this is going. Sure, there is a select population that does not wish to work, but there are many of those same people who would work in a heartbeat if given the means to. Your air of entitlement is very clear in your statement. Entitlement is the root of all the evils that are present in the current capitalist way of business. We’ve had capitalism, and it has failed to this point. If it had succeeded then there would be no poor with nothing and no rich with everything. Greed and human nature have been allowed to win out.
  10. tinyj316

    Marxism And Socialism

    QUOTE (Dr. B @ Nov 10 2009, 11:17 PM) QUOTE (jayson @ Nov 11 2009, 12:43 AM) QUOTE (tinyj316 @ Nov 10 2009, 08:02 PM) How many of you here have read Marx? Can you honestly say that because as a whole the system wouldn't work here in the US, that parts of it are just as bad as the whole? Marx was a philosopher. Rarely can one find pragmatism and philosophy mingling- the two are practically exclusive with regards to the other. I have read Marx and I disagreed with most of his opinions. Marx formulated many theories on "what if" thinking. I'm not against the thought of a situation where every person works for the betterment of all. The reality, however, is that elites will always rise to the top and control the masses. That's universal- and government is similar to the adage: "pick your poison". I'd rather live in a society where there are many elites spread over many sectors of society and the economy (the system we have now), versus elites concentrated in very specific clusters, i.e., the Politburo and "local leaders" like the Soviet model of government. Please read Das Kapital and not The Communist Manifesto. Marx was also an economist as was his cohort Engel, which is an absurdly practical realm of academics. Yes, speculation occurred to some degree. Evaluation and criticism of currently-instituted practices occurred as well, quite a bit I might add. I don't understand your contention about the two types of societies. I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but without my speculation I fail to see how that contention is relevant. Took the words right out of my mouth. Das Kapital is far more economically based than The Communist Manifesto.
  11. I don't understand why people, especially those on the right, always talk down about Marxism and Socialism. Granted, there have been many Marxist/Socialist governments that have failed in the past, but look at those governments that have adopted parts of those manifestos (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, etc.). Those countries have been thriving for years, yet the majority of Americans view Socialism and Marxism as evil, slanted, doomed to fail, etc.. How many of you here have read Marx? Can you honestly say that because as a whole the system wouldn't work here in the US, that parts of it are just as bad as the whole? How many people have read Mein Kampf? I would venture a guess that many people haven't just because Hitler wrote it... What about the Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Probably more people have read these, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who actually have not read them (this applies to the Americans) Darwin? Malthus? Huxley? Kropotkin? I'm not saying that I'm a Socialist/Marxist/Nazi, but what I'm saying is, how can people condemn something they haven't read? The same goes for the Torah, Qur'an, Bible, Book of Mormon, or any book for that matter. I've personally read all of the above examples... I've learned that no political system or theory is perfect, each of the spiritual books have their good points and their questionable parts, and most people have no clue about the historical context of any of these books. A lot could be done in this world if people read with an open mind, and put their own personal feelings aside long enough to understand where these people are coming from. Thoughts?
  12. I can speak English, and enough French, Spanish, and German to get me around if I ever get a chance to go overseas... I also am fluent in reading and writing music...not so much a language, but meh... most people can't.
  13. tinyj316

    Health Care Bill

    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/ That seems somewhat legit...well, as legit as an online petition can get...
  14. tinyj316

    Health Care Bill