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  1. Highpockets

    where i smoke

    ive driven down route 87 with an arab friend of mine and we've done the smoke and drive thing. basically you just need someone to keep it steady. works surprisingly well on interstates, where you dont expect sharp turns
  2. Highpockets

    nyc lounges.know any?

    Be forewarned about Luxor, they only serve Sultan. 
  3. Highpockets

    Tangiers reviews

    The Kashmiri Peach was divine. The taste reminds me of something, I just dont know what!!! Im smoking Red Tea right now. It doesnt taste like anything. Maybe Im a little too adventurous, it sounded distinct, so I tried it, but there is no smell or flavour.
  4. Highpockets

    nyc lounges.know any?

    Steinway st in Queens is best, $5 a head. Next, I'd say hookah cafe on 60th in between 1st and 2nd. They make their own tobacco, the canteloupe is lovely. Last, Horus on lower east side (Ave B and 6th I think). A bit pricier, the smoke isnt as good, but the crowd is great. Great music, beautiful girls, great atmosphere.
  5. Highpockets

    Premium Sultan Tobacco

    The raspberry is pretty decent
  6. Highpockets

    wut coal do you use?

    i use a hot plate
  7. Highpockets

    Hookah Food

    Moroccan tea, a gin and tonic or a beer. Food doesn't usually go well with it for me. Medjool dates work, but they're a luxury.
  8. I have a gas stove, so I bought a hot plate that has the electric coil
  9. Highpockets

    Finger Coals

    I'm on the 10th floor. Kinda hard to get outside. None of the other coals have stunk nearly as much as Manara in my experience. Oh well, I guess I'll have to live with it.
  10. Man, I really wish suppliers like thehookah.com would let us choose the type of finger coal we want when we order. I just received a shipment, and got the vile Al Manara coals which make my apartment stink to high hell when I ordered finger coals, crossing my fingers for Nour or Diamante. I would pay $5 more for the ability to say PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME AL MANARA. Ugh. Sorry, had to vent. But this would be great for customer service.
  11. Highpockets

    The King has returned

    Are you kidding me? People actually joined that jerk's board, even after he personally insulted them and showed himself to be a Grade A creep? Well, no accounting for bad judgment. Welcome back Mo, good to see you.
  12. Highpockets

    Al-Fakher free samples

    Sure I'd love to try it
  13. I received a sample of Sultan Lebanese Cedar from Lakemonster (Thanks!) today, and packed it up tonight (after finishing my paper that's due tomorrow, wary of the legendary effects of Sultan massel) Let's get to the details. Look: Dark green, strange color, I've had bowel movements that looked similar Cut: Course, sort of like Nakhla but more moist. I encountered no stems, which was a pleasant surprise. Smell: Like a subtle herbal tea Smoke: Medium density, I liked the flavor, definitely distinct. Tastes like a mix between pine trees and green tea. Lasted pretty consistently through the duration of the smoke (about 45 min). Buzz: Very soon after starting the session, I could feel the effects. Strong dizziness ensued, imparting a general sentiment of well-being. However, towards the end of the smoke, the effects moved downward from the head to the stomach, and as such, I still have a stomachache. This is some serious stuff. Overall: I'll smoke it again, a good change of pace flavor from the fruity stuff I've been using lately. I'd give is a 6.5 out of 10. Not for everyone, but an intriguing smoke; just don't plan to operate heavy machinery for a while afterwards.