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  1. Anybody ever hear of this stuff?    http://www.alrayanmolasses.com    It's from Jordan and I think it's very new. Oddly, their North American sales office is in Canada...   Khan al-Khalili (in Northern VA) has most of their flavors, and I tried their grape last night and it was surprisingly good - very close to the old, beloved, long gone AF grape.  The cut and consistency is very similar to AF, as well. Pretty sure it's washed, it's a very light-feeling smoke with no buzz. Pretty good if you like that sort of thing (I do as a break from the heavier stuff).   Given the success of the grape, I may get 50g packs of some of their other flavors. So far they just have basic stuff, DA, grape, strawberry, melon, wmelon, mint, lemon, some mint combos and a few other things, nothing unusual.
  2. Hey everyone!

  3. Electric Heated Bowl?

    Still need to plug it in...That to me is a huge liability, though I guess there won't be any coals to go flying if someone trips on the cord...
  4. where to order naklah

    The can especially
  5. KM has a line of tobacco now? Has anybody heard of it before?
  6. Hookah Lifespan

    Yeah, if you have leather hoses, they don't last forever. As for a used hookah not tasting like a new one, this is why some of us have different pipes for different flavors or classes of flavor (guilty...)
  7. Hey, all! Update time

  8. Elmas Funnel

    Don't worry, he's doing very well
  9. Elmas Funnel

    Kasbah bowl is great (though I think I'm down to one now ) but good luck finding them. I still talk to Mark every now and then but he's soooo out of the hookah game. The Elmas ones are ENORMOUS. If you want a bowl to smoke for like 8 hours, then go for it, but otherwise, they're overkill. Ty's suggestion of an adapter is probably your best bet though
  10. Cheap Al-fakher

    €15 is pretty reasonable, it's usually ~$15 here, and the euro and dollar are semi-even these days
  11. Anyone speak arabic?

    تنبك بدون قهوة، سلطن بدون فروه You're welcome
  12. Coals

    Coal Maing, i can send you some Razans if you want, I've still got about 7 boxes left of the 10 I ordered a few years ago (yeah, I don't smoke often). I'm still very happy with them. To be honest, the last great new coal I tried were the Mya Genie coals, they were surprisingly excellent, but not cheap.
  13. The two right ones are 100% Lebanese, in fact identical or nearly so to ones I have. $80 is outrageous, over there the ENTIRE setup would cost no more than $25ish. The one on the right though is one of my favorite styles and takes a fucking beating - it's one of my two go-to pipes (the other is my Elmas 639)
  14. the annual hi its me again post

    Still got the nargile I sent you? If you need some tobacco let me know
  15. Old tobacco

    It'll all be fine, I have some old stuff, no issues. Hi again!
  16. Getting out of vaping, everything must go!

    Now I bet you wish you didn't sell that Nawras!
  17. Maybe get in touch w Katie, she lived in SF for a year or so, she might know
  18. Thought of HF tonight

    It's hard enough to find a nice trumpet in Lebanon...most are pretty plain.
  19. Selling all my vape stuff...

    ​ Just now???
  20. Holy shit this looks different...Any major changes besides tapatalk and the new skin?
  21. Send me a message if you can't easily find a bowl to fit, I have lots and lots.
  22. hello old friend hf

    I just basically don't smoke indoors anymore, so it means it has to wait for warm weather...which is hitting now....but I was never a daily smoker anyway
  23. hello old friend hf

    Señor traditionalist here - what's a lotus, the Kaloud thing?