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  1. Great recipe you posted, I can't wait to try it!

  2. Put on some good jazz and you're set. Hear me out here: First of all, I'm a jazz musician anyway, so I love listening to the stuff on my own, but you'd be surprised how many people you'll smoke with who will look up and say, "Dude...I'm totally diggin' the jazz, I didn't know anyone else listened to this!" If you get some good stuff, it's generally a hit, just keep in mind the company you are with. I'd recommend Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard, or anything "hard-bop." Later big band is good too, ie Buddy Rich, Count Basie, Thad Jones. If you want something more upbeat or "versatile" with the modern cohort, hit up some fusion, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Chuck Mangione or, my favorite, Maynard Ferguson. Do some exploring, and you'll never smoke without jazz again... </overzealous jazz plug>
  3. Hey all, Long time browser, infrequent poster. I just sat down with a hookah recipe that I think you guys are gonna dig. I took some Celestial Seasonings (the factory is right down the street from where I grew up!) "Honey Vanilla Chamomile" herbal tea, emptied it into a bowl and mixed with agave nectar and glycerin. I microwaved it briefly to let everything heat and soak in a bit (dunno if it helped, but it made me feel accomplished). Mixed this with some AF Honey shisha at a ratio of about 1/3 tea, 2/3 shisha. The base is filled with ice water mixed with a strong brew of the same tea. Just lit it up in my vortex bowl, and it is AWESOME! Hope something like this works for you guys; I love it! ~Ky
  4. Ram Quick Light Coals Appearance: Circular disks Smell: I found the smell while lighting to be reminiscent of the smell of lighting fireworks/sparklers... Ease of lighting: Seemed easy, lit rapidly, vigorously, and completely Longevity: Got a good 15 min. out of each one Taste: Like the OP noted, similar to lighter fluid... Comments: These coals worked fine as coals, despite the slight "off" taste. However, after only 30 minutes, I experienced a killer headache, so I got up for some water. I found myself staggering to the kitchen, as if I was drunk. I was a bit disoriented and was slurring my speech slightly. After taking a quick blood pressure reading, my resting heartrate was at 130 bpm, and remained that way for about an hour. I read online, and found that I likely had an instance of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Following this, I took a 3 hour long nap with a fan on and windows opened. I will not be using these coals again.
  5. Hey, the topic has always concerned me as well. However, I saw this little "test" some guy did with cigarettes which incorporated a device that is basically the same setup as a hookah. I dont know about you, but I've never seen my hookah water get THAT discolored, even after several sessions with the same water...Thoughts? [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXbYw3aZe3E"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=aXbYw3aZe3E[/url]
  6. I thought this idea was so cool, so I tried my hand at making one. Smokes great, hope you guys dig!
  7. I haven't posted here much, so I thought I'd try to contribute rather than just quietly browse the forum..! Anyway, my local "hookah supply store" recently stopped selling Coconara coals. I have always loved those, as compared to QL's, so I was a little distraught. Instead of panic, though, I decided to try a different shop, and found an AF brand of coconut coal. They work ok, but the "business end" of the coal always goes out quickly while smoking, so I have to flip it constantly. Perhaps this is a common problem, perhaps I'm just not heating them long enough, or perhaps I'm just not keeping up on my prayers to the almighty merciless Hookah Gods (I've found they anger easily, especially if I accidentally leave a QL on the bowl while it's still sparkling...). In any case, I had an idea that nearly solves the problem: dimes. I put a dime on top of the bowl and perched one side of the coal on it. This allows a little more airflow to the underside of the coal and keeps it nice and hot. Any thoughts, questions, concerns, or sarcastic criticisms are appreciated...! Cheers, ~Ky
  8. Thats all I got for pics right now...it lives at my buddy's house right now, so I'll have to get over there sometime. I'd say the base is like 3"X3"X6" though.
  9. Hey! Long time watcher, first time poster...Wanted to thank everyone for all the insightful information that I have learned from this site! I've become sort of the "hookah guy" to most of the people I know. Anyway, all that aside, I wanted to share this hookah that I picked up on craigslist a while back. Never seen anything like it. 80 bucks and it has no markings to indicate a "brand name," but it smokes like a champ so i guess thats what matters! It clearly is only capable of holding very little water in the base and I was wondering, as a side note, how this affects "performance?" Maybe the low volume in the chamber could be a cause for a shorter "lifespan" of the shisha in the bowl? I guess I've never noticed any obvious problems though...Anyway... Cheers! [attachment=3574:hook_jpg.jpg]
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