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  1. WRXtreme808

    Km Diffuser

    QUOTE (duckhater @ Sep 25 2008, 07:39 PM) BTW...I have a KM Pharonie and the HS Heba Diffuser fits just fine on my hookah... +1, yupi have a KM Ice and my HS diffuser fits, the big diffuser, had to stretch it alittle, but fits. and let me tell you, smokes like a champ, can barley see myself through the mirror. haha
  2. Nice hawkeye subaru. Smooth avatar. I got myself a bugeye subaru. Took interest in the KM pearl. Well see if you have it in a week when I get paid, if its meant to be then ill take it. Is your car on nasioc or i-club?
  3. WRXtreme808

    Longest Lasting Coals

    Exotic coals and three kings. You'd be able to get off any hookah website even in the vendors on this forums. Check um out!
  4. Yah buy a new one and you can send me the old one! Hahaha I'd be able to fix that. Some epoxy resin, sanding and done. Lol
  5. WRXtreme808

    Craigslist Hookah Finds

    Idk but that picture he has is to funny! still too can't figure out how he set it up to look that way?
  6. WRXtreme808

    How Many Flavors Do You Guys Really Have

    As of right now I got a kilo of SB cosmopolitan, 1 kilo of SB white grape and another kilo of SB winterfresh, and a bunch of 250g cans of SB fruits. Its great to mix fruits with winterfresh, just adds that minty taste, that feels so good. Just my 2 cents. Haha
  7. WRXtreme808

    Hawaii Smokers Hi

    Aloha! smoking session in Waikele.. haha shoots
  8. WRXtreme808

    Wii, Ps3, Or Xbox 360

    you should get a 360! the gameplay is awesome! i mnea the wii is good but its something to get active with, the 360 its more strategic type of gameplay, but its really on your opinion. GL with that either or you should have fun.. if you do get xbox360 sign up for xbox live where you can play all your games online and you should add me to your friends list! haha
  9. WRXtreme808

    Vases, Medium Phunnel, And Km S Type Deluxe Hose

    Yo still got that black hose for sale? Ill take it if you do. Shipping quote to 96797. Thanks
  10. WRXtreme808

    Last Hookahs For Sale

    Still got the km ice for sale? Lookin in on the details, comes with hoses? The essential accessories? Pm me with shipping costs to 96797. Thanks.
  11. WRXtreme808

    2 Hookahs For Sale

    Still got any of the hookahs for sale? Either or would be good. Any thing else it comes with? Hoses, all accessories, etc. Lmk very interested in a new collection of hookahs.
  12. Yo still got this for sale? I'm interested in buying it. 96797 is my zipcode. Pm me back. Thanks.
  13. WRXtreme808

    Make/replace Your Wide Hose (w/ Pictures)

    That is awesome! Finally I can chabge my hoses started to get holes and black stuff comin out of it. Its on my to-do list. Thanks for the write up. Big up's! :peace:
  14. WRXtreme808


    Hookah session