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  1. pyrofish

    Favorite Af Flavors

    I tried AF mango last night and I liked it a lot. It's got a kind of flowery finish that was quite nice
  2. pyrofish

    Holy Hell Mnh

    I got my shipment from them today. That's 6 days to western Canada
  3. pyrofish

    Do You Guys Shave, And How Often?

    I've got a moustache/goatee that's around 1/4". I trim it back down every month or so, or when it gets too long. I used to have the chin part down 6-8" and I miss it. The rest of my face I grow out until it itches then trim down to stubble with my beard trimmer (sans guard) but I don't clean-shave unless I have something to look nice for. Too lazy.
  4. I don't know if this has been taken care of or not, but if you still want them I can help you out. Let me know
  5. pyrofish

    Canadian Smokers

    A few other Albertans... cool! Lethbridge, Alberta
  6. pyrofish

    Cigar Talk

    Ok well... no editing. Sorry for double post. I found a few notes I took, but not my big notebook. One that I enjoyed quite a bit and foun to be on the mild side of medium was the Shakespeare Vintage Maduro. I don't recall what size I had but it was very good. I wrote down that I smoke it down to the point where I couldn't hold it anymore. Nothing else in there that would be safe for a new smoker (unless you want to get dizzy, turn green and fall down) but if you are interested in an ass-kicker La Flor Dominicana makes something called "The Chisel" which is a maduro and so good it's not even funny. It's got a flat cap, making it look strikingly similar to a chisel (no kidding)! It's delicious, but my notes said it made me a little dizzy, and at the time I was smoking 2+ cigars a day. now that I think about it if you are a hookah smoker you might already have a bit of nicotine tolerance built up...
  7. pyrofish

    Cigar Talk

    You can use a tupperware container for a humidor if you're cheap/lazy/just don't want to buy one. My best advice no matter what you put your cigars in is to use Heartfelt beads to control your humidity. You can find them here. I have no connections/affiliation whatsoever to this vendor. I have used them before, but only once to buy a bunch of these beads. I prefer the 65% to the 70%. They are the most simple/foolproof way to maintain humidity. Add a tube of beads to anything airtight and you have a humidor. Anyhow, as far as entry level cigars... The Montecristo White is a nice mild smoke I remember liking (it's been awhile since I had my humidors stocked). I like all the Sancho Panza's, and they're not terribly expensive either. Hmmmm... Honestly I could name a lot of cigars I enjoyed but not a lot of details about them... I'll see if I can dig up my smoking notebook and I'll get more into it. My setup is a 25ct for my living room and what I think is a 150ct that I have never really filled. When I was living in the US I smoked much more. Tobacco taxes are insane in Canada. I remember buying an Arturo Fuente Opus X XXX Belicoso for like $14 in Virginia. The same cigar here (if they have any stock) costs over $50 each, and I've got to drive over 2 hrs to get there. I'd like to start getting a stash built up again. Right now my big humi is dry, and my little one has but one lonely Romeo y Julieta No2 sitting in it. Even though they cost a bunch, it's nice not to have an embargo to worry about... choices are always good.
  8. pyrofish

    How Many People Use Linux

    I run an older version of Ubuntu on my laptop. I've binned both desktops as they are quite old. I'm hoping to buy a new one and run Ubuntu/XP on that and use my laptop for experimenting with other linuxeses
  9. pyrofish

    New guy from VA/Canada

    Well, I have returned I've had a very real craving to start smoking hookah again. I slowly smoked it less and less after I got home to Canada as I ran out of shisha. It's rather expensive here. Anyway, I'm going to be ordering quite a few new flavours to try and I'm looking to supplement my QT with another, larger, machine. It's too bad I'm not living in NOVA anymore, MYA was just a short drive away. Now it's a few hours on a plane. I'm very excited to be back. I remember this being one of the friendlier forums I participated in. Oh, and the name thing. I forgot my password and have no clue what email account I used when I sgned up back in '06. Had no choice... Edit: Oh my, this place has had almost 10 000 signups since I first registered Getting popular are we?