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  1. QUOTE (Hippo_Master @ Dec 15 2008, 10:02 AM) I know what your talking about, i promise. http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/saudi-style-un...bowl-p-694.html Here it is.. not in the USA though. Thanks Hippo, I just sent them an email to see if they'd mail to the US, although it says they don't. Is there anyone in England who reads this who would be willing to potentially purchase them for me and mail them?
  2. mgsolimano

    Khalil Mamoon Hookahs For Sale

    Im interested in the trimetal with a green base and a green hose if you got it. not completely attached to the color. pm me if we can work something out
  3. I've never heard them called that, but maybe. do you know where to get them?
  4. I'm looking for one of the big saudi one-hole bowls thats unglazed and splays out almost to a flat surface and you pack the tobacco around the outside of it. I can't find them anywhere and know at least 20 people who would be down to by them if I can find a connect. Also looking for bulk nakhla thats fresh. Most of the stuff that comes to the states is like 6-12 months old and I had some from Saudi Arabia this summer that was a few months old and it was amazing, so I'm looking for some of that as well. Any ideas?
  5. I looking for a place to get the big Saudi bowls with the one hole in the middle and they splay out almost flat and you pack the tobacco around it. I'd be willing to purchase multiple with more orders promised on the way. Can anyone help me get these? Also, Does anyone know where to get the big buckets of Nakhla? One of my friends came back from Saudi Arabia with one; 5 or 10 pounds I think. Not only was it a good price, but it was incredibly fresh, only packaged a couple months ago, where are all the stuff I can find around here is 6-12 months old. If it wasn't for the fact the the shipping was like 150 bucks I'd get it from over there, but thats outrageous. I've tried looking everywhere, so now I'm casting my quest to cyberspace in hopes that someone can help me
  6. I'm looking for one of the handmade unglazed clay heads they use in Saudi Arabia. It has a big hole in the middle and splay out almost in a flat surface and you pack the tobacco around the hole. Does anyone know where to find these? If someone could direct me to a place that ships them to the US, I could definatly get at least 20 people to order them and more to come. I hope to hear back from someone soon! Matt