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  1. Hey From Gr, Mi

    Hey guys. I am from Grand Rapids Michigan. I have been a HUGE hookah lover ever since I went to my first hookah bar when I turned 18 (2 and a half years ago). I am now a proud owner of two hookahs, and have plans for opening up a hookah bar in the future . It will be called the Smoke Shack. Keep an eye out. I don't have a camera to post my hookahs here, which I thought would be a good idea. All I had was this promotion from my e-mail (which I actually bought from). This is not spam. The company doesn't even sell this hookah anymore. This is just a photo of it and the information for it, as well. This is a 3 hose, (MYA), and the bowl holds around 18 grams. And this is my other hookah that I own. It's a one hose, 27", blue LED lit vase, with a color changing (LED lighting inside) argile:
  2. QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Dec 12 2008, 11:21 PM) put a piece of lexan over the hole it will be better sinec there wont be a hole anymore Plus, that will act as a heat barrier and deterrent. You could also use plexi-glass, if you can't find any Lexan.