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  1. kitefanatic

    Lookin For A Mya

    I'm gonna have to toot the Km horn here as well. Although MYAs are good pipes, KM's are better (and cheaper!).
  2. Well, I drive a diesel rig for a living and I'm pretty sure the fumes from that thing have harmed more people than my hookah.
  3. kitefanatic

    Hookah And Friends

    I bought one for myself to try it out, and now I have 4. Several people that have tried mine have gone on to buy their own.
  4. QUOTE (Balthazar @ Aug 6 2008, 02:53 AM) I've never found it better than Tangiers Small Funnel when it comes to use. The latter is still my favourite bowl ... This is good information to have. Thanks.
  5. QUOTE (voski @ Aug 5 2008, 01:38 AM) This one is a much worst form of cancer. That was freakin' hilarious! I just had to click it!
  6. kitefanatic

    Small Nammors?!?!?

    I'm breaking in my new Nammour as I type this. "Barbie" hot pink to match my KM. Gorgeous hose! Like breathing air, except it's Fumari Tropical Punch!
  7. Beautiful! I'm going to have to pick one up myself now!
  8. kitefanatic


    QUOTE (BohoWildChild @ Aug 5 2008, 04:29 AM) I'm going to hit the coffin on a hip slide, with a double Chopin martini (3 olives) in one hand, my hookah hose in the other and my little black book in my back pocket, yelling "Hot damn! What a ride!" 'Rani EXACTLY!!! I mean what do you want people to say at your funeral? "Damn, he really lived!" or "Well, at least he looked healthy when the bus hit him."
  9. kitefanatic


    I'm gonna have to go along with Giant Ninja Robot on this one. I've been smoking cigars for 15 years, pipes for about 10, and hookah for 3 years. I smoke when want to, and many times I won't smoke at all for extended periods of time for various reasons (too busy, etc.). I have never once experienced anything close to a craving. As far as nicotine being more addictive than NHT... You might have an argument with cigarettes, but if you try and convince a junkie that it's harder for you to put down your Cohiba than it is for him to quit NHT, you would have a very short lifespan. Besides, most of these lab test involve insane amounts of pure nicotine being pumped into tiny lab rats. They're about as applicable to real life as the "Hookah Smoking Machine". Anyway, depending on who funds it, I'm sure someone could come up with evidence to support "little cheese men who live on the moon". Personally, I haven't been there, so I couldn't tell you!
  10. Guess I should've read the comments first! Owned + 1!
  11. kitefanatic

    Anyone Like Potion?

    I'm glad to hear you like it, as I have 300g of it (turkish delight and 2 other flavors) arriving Tuesday!
  12. kitefanatic

    I'm In Love!

    I posted some close up pics in this thread: http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=23621 but be warned, my pics don't do her any justice!
  13. kitefanatic

    I'm In Love!

    Sorry... 35" Bahiya Khalil Mamoon Hookah from Hookah Company http://www.hookahcompany.com/bahiya_khalil...h_3340_prd1.htm
  14. I'm trying out my new KM right now (Fusion Exotic Pear), and I'm being BLOWN AWAY! Finally an ash tray that big enough to be useful! A hookah that looks like a model, is built like a tank, and hits like a heavyweight boxer. Not to mention that I can purge the entire vase in less than one breath (and the vase is HUGE!). I don't ever see myself buying another brand of hookah...
  15. kitefanatic

    New To Hookah, What To Buy?

    That's actually not a bad hookah. If by "little plastic things", you are referring to the plastic sanitary hose tips, then no. At least I do not since I mainly smoke by myself. Depends on how well you know your friends...