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  1. loanshark

    Interested In Af Hookah

    pm sent
  2. loanshark


    I am looking to join the mason lodge here in Kennesaw GA. I am very interested in the history and becoming a better person.
  3. loanshark

    Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

    QUOTE (Big Boss @ Jun 19 2008, 12:58 AM) You could call me a tobacco enthusiast: I smoke my hookah, cigars, my tobacco pipe, hookah, and cigarettes That is why I tryed hookah because it was a new form of tobacco I had not smoked hell I have even been known to chew and use dry snuff every now and then
  4. loanshark

    Smoking Hookah With A Beard

    You can check out my handle bar stash attached
  5. loanshark

    Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

    It is part of a Alice in wonderland themed Magic show called "Wonderland" you can find more vids of it on Youtube.
  6. loanshark

    Al Fakher Hookahs

    I have the smaller one and love it. it looks graet and smokes like a beast.
  7. Love Shisha Pizzelle Set-up Mya QT Water in base Mya Bowl Razan hose Coco-nara coals Smoke – big white clouds Cut – very fine cut a little dry but some juice leaked in shipping Smell – I really liked the smell of this stuff. Strong anise (Which I like) Smoked for like an hour taste was good at first but faded. I really liked this shisha I smoked it while sipping on some sambuca and it was really tasty. The flavor did fade but a little juice leaked in shipping. Overall I would love some more Love shisha. 9/10
  8. loanshark

    Social Smoke Bowl Reviews

    I purchased the Hemi Bowl during the promotion. Overall very nice bowl, Looks great, is a really good size, and comes with a quality grommet. I will not smoke really wet shisha out of it (I would use my sc or phunnel) but this is my go to bowl for drier shisha like nakhla which I really like. If you are thinking of buying a Modern bowl buy this instead if looks better and will have a better draw. 10/10
  9. loanshark

    Xtreme Berries

    Potion Xtreme Berries Shisha Cut: Fine cut, swimming in red juice, mushy consistency, and a few stems Hookah Type: 26” AF Duration: 1 and ½ hours Bowl: Small Super Chief Foil / Screen: 1 layer foil Coal / Amount: 2-3 coco naras Smoke: Full Clouds Buzz: None Smell / Flavor: Smelled very good / very pleasant I could have smoked this all night and not got board Rating (1 to 10): 8 Overall very nice smoke flavor was good throughout the session. I even got my wife to take a few pulls and she liked it. My wife is not a hookah smoker. I can see this tobacco being an issue if you do not use a phunnel or super chief. Has a mushy sloppy consistency. I do like the packaging but the coals and foil where crap.
  10. loanshark

    New Shisha Flavors!

    QUOTE (nat3r @ Mar 28 2008, 02:53 AM) tiramisu sounds f*cking fantabulous +1
  11. You can market the chicken noodle soup as a diet aid
  12. loanshark

    Potion 100g Sample

    I got mixed berry today. I will be smoking tonight.
  13. loanshark

    Pictures Of My Egyptian

    very nice pipe. Have you tried polishing it up? Make it shine
  14. loanshark


    knock knock knock this is the FBI... how dare you point out the truth. Fear has allowed us and the rest of the gov to make you think and do what we want you to for years. Stop thinking for yourself!!!!!!! Hookah must make you understand the world better... put out a press relese stating hookah makes your nuts fall off that will stop them oooohhhhh I said to much...
  15. loanshark


    QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Mar 7 2008, 10:54 PM) I recently purchased a Tri-Metal stem, tray, hose and bowl from HookahDude831. Great communication, and easy payment. Everything packed nicely and shipped fast. Would definitely do business again with him. Great Stem too, thanks! I am loving my newest KM. I have 3 now +1 for hookahdude831 I purchased a 26" AF Hookah