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  1. other than grommets I haven't had to replace anything with either hookah, though I think I might need a new purge on my QT. overall I don't think there's really a difference in long term cost. My mya's have held up just as good as my Km's
  2. I actually liked the Al Tawareg vanilla better than the AF vanilla (I know, I know). But then you'd have to order from H-S. But if you were planning on ordering from them anyway, you should grab a box of that.
  3. momentum

    Namoor Hose

    Nammors are good hoses, although I prefer the narbish. I just like the weight that the narbish has in the handle, they will both smoke equally imo. Good shisha - Tangiers, Nakhla, AF, Social smoke, starbuzz i guess....not a huge fan. I really like the new Fantasia Rainbow Burst flavor as well.
  4. momentum

    Preference Or..?

    Looks like you already ordered both, so you'll figure it out either way. But i actually asked Santino this same question, and he said that the wetter premium shishas like SB or SS (or tang of course) are better in the funnel, while oldschool dryer shisha like Nakhla is better in the crown classic. I have both, and Ive found most shisha works great in both bowls. in fact im tempted to try some tang in the crown classic now.
  5. momentum

    Nammor Vs Km Hose

    The nammors a great hose, tho i personally hate the little pom pom, sweatband looking things on them. but w/e My KM hose is awesome and looks nicer, BUT, Im unable to put a royal wand (glass mouthpiece from santino) into it, because it seems to have no real grommet. I guess I can use a grommet but that shouldnt have to happen. Also its unwashable, so im just going to make it my mint hose. overall i prefer the nammor strictly for the washability. Although rumor has it KM is now making washable hoses...
  6. I remember when I ordered my small tang bowl, and for a long time I wondered if they fucked up and sent me a medium/large. Because a small tang funnel actually holds wayyy more than a normal egyptian. I love the micro funnel, i have the 2.0, and like Inc said, it holds way, way, way less. From what you wrote, it will be the perfect bowl for you. The hard part for me now, is to get one thats inbetween those two bowls!
  7. Funnels are hand made?! Anyway, I find a single layer of foil and 2 coals on the edge works best for OG tang in my small. I personally dont pack it super tight, but I pack it super dense. i dunno, maybe thats the same thing to some people. I take thick clumps and drop em in, because apparently (according to the instructions on a tangiers sheet) it should be as dense in the bowl as it is in the package. Works well for me, though it uses up way too much shisha. So now I use my micro funnel =D
  8. [quote name='r1v3th3ad' timestamp='1296277266' post='496047'] also, are you willing to pay the duties on the tobacco? [/quote] Not paying duty (yeah i said it again) would be SUPER sketchy if youre running a lounge. With the amount of shisha you'd go through, you would eventually get caught, get shut down, and be charged with tax fraud. I hope he pays duty on it.
  9. momentum

    No Taste - Why?

    wow, 10 years old. That will not compare to something fresh. Ive heard of 2 or 3 year old shisha tasting alright, but I doubt it will keep its flavor for 10. I think you should try buying some shisha online, because it will be guaranteed fresh. Theres a chance that it will get through customs without them taxing you heavily or whatever. What are the tax rates like there on tobacco? And smoking shisha really shouldnt be making you that sick...I wonder if the shisha has gone bad or maybe youre allergic to tobacco? Maybe its just a tolerance thing, do you ever smoke tobacco other than shisha? Do you get sick everytime? I personally hate herbal shisha, but maybe you should try that if you're getting so sick.
  10. In my experience, wetter shisha = bigger clouds. Theres a point of diminishing returns for sure, but with orig Nakhla (which is dry as hell) you're not getting huge clouds. But I still love nakhla. Id reccomend you try a bunch of different brands, because some people like wetter shisha more than dry or vice versa etc. Though most people will tell you to go with Tang,nak, or AF. So to your first question...its pretty subjective. Newer people I think tend to like wetter shisha more, at least I did. For packing, it depends on the shisha. I think its pretty hard to screw up packing normal shisha in a funnel. And by normal shisha I mean anything other than tang noir. I do pack the wetter shisha a little more tight in a funnel than an egyptian, but not by much. And even at that, Im not sure if thats the best way to do it, but it works well for me. id reccomend you try a couple different ways and see which way works best for you.
  11. momentum

    No Taste - Why?

    Maybe the shisha your buying is like 6 years old. No idea if a local turkish shop in Croatia keeps fresh stock lol. I know sweet melon should definitely have a lot of flavor. it may be too much heat, and i hope it is, because otherwise it will make this situation harder to figure out. Good luck with the next couple trys.
  12. momentum

    Budget Hookah

    Huh, I read this backwards, forget 3/4 of my advice.
  13. momentum

    Budget Hookah

    [quote name='EasyHookah' timestamp='1295074535' post='494444'] I appreciate the help guys. I had a last question. I have noticed that stems come in sizes of small, medium, large and I found extra large. But then, other websites have there's by the inch. [b]I've seen anywhere from 12" stems to 28" with no defined sizing there[/b]. I found a few good Mya stems but some of the sizes I've seen are in inches, do you know which size would fit a large vase? [/quote] That parts always gunna be how tall it is which is essentially useless at the moment because the height doesn't necesarrily mean it's going to have a certain width. And when it comes to sizing H-S has a pretty good layout in the base sections. I think they at least tell you which bases fit which models that they sell, that might help a bit. With Km stems its kind of easy because they really only produce 2(?) sizes of bases, but for your random stem it's going to be harder. I suggest that you check out local shops if theres any and try to find a base that fits, then measure it. Grommets help a lot anyway so it never has to be exact. At the same time, like Rani said, you can find some pretty good deals in the trades section too, so if you havent already, take a look in there as well.
  14. Hookahset has phucked my orders up a couple times, but i gotta say they really have made up for it in my eyes. When dealing with them, its usually a good idea to call and talk to mark, cause he gets things right for me. Otherwise, hookahset can be a gamble, sometimes its not worth it, but other times they have hooked me up real good for screwing up the previous order. Also, they get everything to me (in Canada) faster than any other vendor. I love these guys when I want to order a bowl or hose where I don't care what color it is....cause its always a surprise hahah. I can clearly understand why some people would hate this vendor though.
  15. I find the mod works well, but I'm just afraid its gunna start burning and I'm gunna inhale some NHT lol. I'll just keep changing it every couple sessions then. The reason I asked this was because I was smoking tangiers with the mod, and out of nowhere the bowl got so harsh and tasted like shisha with a horrible taste ive never tasted. Not just a burning tobacco kind of thing. So I moved the coals to basically the complete edges of the bowl, but I couldn't get it back to huge tasty clouds. I was afraid my mod was burning hah, but it didn't, I just packed one part of the bowl badly i guess.