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  2. Gunbunny

    Wildberry Mint

    Layalina Golden Wildberry Mint Setup: Hookah: Mya Gelato Foil: Renold's Heavy Duty Coal: Exotica Base: Water and Ice Bowl: Med Phunnel w/ Scalli Mod Hose: Nammor Shisha/Session: Smell: Minty with very little berry scent Cut: Fine w/ a few stems very sticky. Reminds me somewhat of Fantasia. Smoke: As it was pretty soggy took a little bit to get going, once it started it was a pretty solid smoke. Nice billowy clouds. Duration: Lasted about 1.25 hours, stopped because the coal tuckered out. Would have probably gotten another half an hour out of it if I put on a new set of coals but didn't think it was deemed worthy. Flavor: More minty/menthol than anything, very little berry flavor fairly disappointing honestly. Not the biggest fan of Layalina anyway so maybe my opinion is skewed but I'd give it an overall of 5/10 nothing great but it isn't the worst. Then again I won't be purchasing it again either.
  3. I've got a medium with the Scalli and I love it. However I also have a mini and it's pretty much pointless with the smaller phunnels. It helps pull the heat down through the shisha and gives you a little better smoke/flavor. That's just from my experience though.
  4. Gunbunny

    Fruit Special

    Layalina - Fruit Special Setup- Mya Gelato, Windcover, Phunnel Bowl, 1 40mm Golden Quicklite, Heba Diffuser, Mya Washable Hose, water in the base Smell- Very fruity like a delicious fruit punch, simply amazing Taste- Very similar to smell, light citrusy notes nothing overpowering with some subtle ones I can't quite tell but overall delicious! So far my Fiancee's favorite besides Romman Blueberry. Consistency- Finely cut, very moist but not drippy. This stuff seems like it would stain any fabric it came into contact with so be somewhat careful when packing your bowl. Smoke- Some what lacking, took a while to get get some decent puffs. Overall- Very good flavor, not too sweet like I was affraid of. Nice buzz not to heady of one like I've had with some even after chaining it for a decent amount. Lasted about 50min - 1 hour. Hit pretty smooth as well. Overall I'd give it a 8/10 one of my favorite flavors just lacking a bit in the thickness of smoke department.