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  1. smoking a delicious bowl of AF vanilla and AF cinnamon at work :D

  2. I've a MYA mini with the standard mod bowl and the MYA wide gauge (it's roughly the thickness if not slightly larger than the KM or Nammor) and it smokes just as nicely as almost another hookah i've smoked. i get storm clouds. even before i got a nice hose i was able to get large clouds. i get larger with the new hose. it's a lot to do with foil pattern, shisha consistencty, packing method, and so on and so forth. almost any hookah can get clouds. it's mostly preference honestly. but the KM's the quality is rarely matched but MYA's are fantastic hookahs.
  3. fezmeister

    Stop The Insane Tobacco Tax!

    92nd person to sign in arkansas, lets keep this moving. as an employee at a hookah bar this is extremely important to myself and my employer.
  4. [quote name='TomaaQue' date='25 December 2009 - 02:27 PM' timestamp='1261776469' post='441720'] Hey guys, I've always loved going to hookah bars and smoking at friends' houses but have finally decided to purchase my own hookah. I have searched and searched for a hookah as I really want to make a good choice and hope that my first hookah will last my awhile (the internet is pretty much my only option, fyi). I am looking at two hookahs right now and would love some feedback. [url="http://www.thehookah.com/Khalil-Mamoon-2-Hose-Trimetal-Smoke/Gold-29-inch.html"]http://www.thehookah...ld-29-inch.html[/url] [url="http://www.thehookah.com/the-apex-hookah-by-mya-saray.html"]http://www.thehookah...-mya-saray.html[/url] Also, I'm interested in getting a multiple hosed hookah. I plan on smoking it alone but I know I will mostly be sharing and being able to have 4 hoses is very appealing (the mya is 4 hose the KM is 2) Other than having to hold the end of the hose when smoking with four people, are there any other down sides to having a multi-hose hookah? So far, I've been getting great info through reading old posts but I just need some straight answers at this point! Thank you! [/quote] multiple hoses isnt always worth it. the quality you get from a 2 hose km will rub the nose of the 4 hose mya into the dirt. imo id rather wait on a good smoke in rotation as opposed to losing a lot of smoke so that everyone has a hose. id link you to a good site to look at for a well priced KM single hose that i believe converts but i cant so ill say this www.hookahjohn.com has tons of well priced hookahs with discounts for members of the board, and as a bonus hes a really cool dude.
  5. [quote name='Hunkies!' date='25 December 2009 - 02:19 PM' timestamp='1261775967' post='441719'] i got a km double trimetal 7 250g of nahkla 5 250g of tangiers all in all not to shabby. also got around $400 from rich family in japan [/quote] dude grats haha i neglected to tell my mom about the cheeeeaaaaapppp KM americana mini i wanted in time for her to buy it lol. thats a ton of shisha my friend smoke up.
  6. L4D 2 for PC(hit me up in a pm if you want to play) CoD MW2 for 360^ Assassin's Creed 2 for 360 some transformers boxers as a joke. The office season 5 and, i'm still wondering wtf she was thinking BUT it made me giggle, my mom got me this like george foreman grill for slider burgers hahah i made a joke about the infomercial a while back and how id use the hell out of it she took me seriously. so im going to find a way to use it. haha. mom text me while i was at my ladie's house claiming i was settling an argument between her and her friend at work between monsters inc. and a bugs life. so she asks me, of course i said monsters inc. so she got it for me on blu ray however what everyone else is getting from me? girlfriend's dad-2 ounces of the house blend of pipe tobacco at a local tobacconist and a proper pipe nail because i get tired of him using this cheap ass 50cent nail he bought girlfriend's mom- i pretty much destroyed the disaster that was their kitchen so i count that girlfriend- wrote her a sweet letter and drew her something shes going to love. best friend- 50g box of al waha vanilla(his favorite shisha) other best friend- a smoking utensil. mom- new black eyed peas cd brother-two bottles of bawls energy drink dad-some sweet brown slippers and a couple cigars to smoke after dinner tonight. i hope you dont count that as NHT if so let me know ill edit it.
  7. [quote name='FSUReligionMan' date='16 December 2009 - 09:10 AM' timestamp='1260979809' post='439592'] If u can bite down on your teeth with full pressure and not feel pain, then it's okay to smoke. Rule of thumb, wait 3 days at least. [/quote] RULE OF THUMB?!?!?!?! did you know that in the early 1900's men were allowed to beat their wives so long as the stick was no wider than their thumb?!?! eh, this couldn't do much damage now could it? perhaps it should have been the rule of wrist?
  8. wait 2-3 days and make sure you KEEP the gauze over the wound. keep your mouth hydrated while you smoke and dont suck very hard. i had my wisdom teeth(all 4) out this summer and i smoked like a chimney two days later, just take precautions and you'll be fine.
  9. [quote name='adike' date='16 December 2009 - 12:36 AM' timestamp='1260948992' post='439542'] Thanks, my question is about the hookah tobacco itself. Say, a bowl of tobacco plus charcoal costs $1.00 If I charge $20 for a hookah served, the mark-up is $19, right? What would the profit margin be then? I'm not getting it, lol... am I marking it up 1900% then? [/quote] you're neglecting overhead. the profit margin is only determined after you've taken out your overhead costs (cost of running a business) say your rent+utilities-$1500 your cost of tobacco+coals+hookah maintenance--$700 lets say this covers roughly 300 bowls? making it roughly $2.30 a bowl insurance-$1000 employees(4x$7.50 per hour)30 bucks per hour x 15 hours a week-$450 if you sell your hookahs at 20 bucks for the first and like 10 every bowl after and you're selling all 300 bowls with no waste(obviously perfect world scenario) and roughly a 1/4th of them are at the full 20 and the other are at 10 that makes where b=number of bowls 300b/4= 75b so 75bx$20=1500+(225bx$10)=$3750-$3650=$100/300=.33c so .33 cents per bowl. now as the math dictates you're making roughly 100 bucks per month...nobody in their right mind would EVER run a business that only makes them 100 bucks a month BUT this is for educational purposes so it'll do and this isnt counting in cost and income of other services as beer, concessions, sale of hookahs and tobacco, sale of other smoking utensils and memorabilia. so ultimatly you're income is entirely dictated by your overhead, the more you spend the more you can potentially make but probably wont.
  10. i finally found an herbal shisha that actually tastes good, i cant remember the name but a local lounge carries it and they have an amazing spiced chai flavor and blueberry that both taste exactly like their name and they last forever. anyway starbuzz- overpriced crap with flavors that could make any sweet tooth sick nakhla- i just cant handle that much nicotine, im sorry but ill take my al waha over nakhla any day. soex- its just crap. plain and simple. i don't know what you're talking about FSU, and hookah- ive never had anything but delicious and plentiful smoke when smoking alwaha the flavors of almost all (there are a few) are robust and on target maybe i'm just a lucky one?
  11. fezmeister

    Hello Brand New Hookah Owner

    QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Oct 20 2009, 11:50 AM) im getting mixed reviews..lol al-waha is so cheap i think i will just stock up on some of there 50g samplers and see how it goes..thanx for the opinions guys i promise if you at least pick up half the flavors ive recommended you'll be hooked on waha. california dream is the falvor EVERYONE i know starts on its delightful and very hard to burn
  12. fezmeister

    Hello Brand New Hookah Owner

    QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Oct 20 2009, 11:50 AM) CONGRATS on the hookah! Nice KM double pear man. Great price too! I actually really like AF Chocolate, really good flavor. Also if noone else caught it, AF doesn't make Chocolate Strawberry which you said you had. So unless that was a blend you might wanna give their chocolate a try. Jasmine is really good if you like floral flavors, I personally can't smoke it ALL the time but it's good. yeah af's chocolate is solid but al waha still has it beat also if you mix half AF jasmine 1/4th AF honey and 1/4th AF lemon its like the most delicious cup of tea you've ever smoked.
  13. fezmeister

    Hello Brand New Hookah Owner

    QUOTE (joytron @ Oct 15 2009, 02:35 PM) QUOTE (ryno @ Oct 15 2009, 10:17 AM) QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Oct 12 2009, 05:32 PM) QUOTE (mix_tape @ Oct 12 2009, 04:30 PM) So far I'd have to say Nakhla/AF/Tangiers (if you're buzz light weight like myself I'd try the lucid line) are tops in my book. Fantasia has some good flavors but it gives me a wicked headache, starbuzz is very candyish and over priced in my opinion. Al Waha has some good flavors but I'm open to trying everything there are flavors in each brand which I enjoy. AF Mint, Cinnamon top favorites! hey bro, can you suggests some good al-waha flavors i been wanting to pick some up but to damn many of them not sure whats good Orange cream is pretty good Dont get orange cream.... its foul. It tastes like chewable flintsones vitamins orange cream is GODLY its one of my favorite flavors, if you put ice in the base it kills that pez/flinstones vitamin flavor as for recommending flavors? ive been smoking waha almost exclusively since i bought my hookah and heres what ive found. orange cream - two thumbs up after nine- a billion thumbs up california dream- will blow your mind 5 star mix - also delicious powerbull- awesome if you like redbull raspberry- despite what everyone says about it tasting chemical ive never had a bad batch of it. mango- quite delightful with some mango naked juice in the base strawberry- very juicy tasting arabic coffee- very good easily the best of their coffee flavors cola- if you like opening an ice cold coke. you'll love waha's cola flavor
  14. fezmeister

    Hello Brand New Hookah Owner

    QUOTE (spectrum055 @ Oct 11 2009, 09:29 PM) QUOTE (Evilsquirrel @ Oct 11 2009, 08:24 PM) Nakhla, and I hate any chocolate flavored shisha, it sounds good at first, but then its like....ugh. haha yay I don't think I'll be touching Chocolate flavors anymore either. al fakher doesnt have the greatest chocolate. its alright but its more of a mixer flavor one of the lounges i frequent has a delightful chocolate/mint/cafe latte mix they call grasshopper it tastes EXACTLY like a thinmint the best chocolate flavor ive encountered still comes from Al Waha its called "after nine" its a chocolate mint flavor and you absolutely cannot go wrong with it EVER. also pretty much anything from al waha is a winner save the coffe flavors not a fan of those.also al waha is MUCH cheaper than fakher they're both good but waha has never done me wrong.
  15. fezmeister

    Hookahs And Hot Tubs Ftw

    QUOTE (bolt in blue @ Aug 11 2009, 03:42 PM) This past weekend, a group of friends and I went down to my parents' lake house for the weekend. At the last minute, one of my friends suggested grabbing a hookah, so I pulled together my Bambino and some supplies. A few hours later, we were sitting in the hot tub looking over the lake smoking some AW After Nine. Amazing smoke (I think After Nine is the best AW), especially considering that we were using quicklights (hey, I packed the hookah in about two minutes) and I forgot tongs. Managing coals with a fork is no fun! Had a too close call with melting the hot tub, but other than that good times. A cool bonus: discovered more of these friends like hookah than I previously knew. Looks like I'll finally have more excuses to smoke more often (it doesn't happen but once or twice a month these days now that I'm out of school and don't have as many friends who hookah). Maybe that's also an excuse for me to post more good stuf my man good stuff, after 9 is spectacular, its a staple in my collection, if you're feelin frisky one night, mix in some AW raspberry it tastes like a raspberry choco mint tort its phenomenal some other flavors id recommend by AW california dream (citrus fruit punch) orange cream( amazing) mango powerbull(redbull flavor if you're into that its really good) arabic coffee 5 star (idk how to describe it, its like grabes and berries..soo good)