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  1. [quote name='giant ninja robot' date='19 December 2009 - 01:03 PM' timestamp='1261245832' post='440289'] Thing looks fucking dangerous as hell. Try lighting up the blood in your hand or face with that thing.... The only people I can see getting one are serious hikers/campers/adventurers, my kids would lose their site and/or be seriously burned with that thing around. [/quote] I have five words: Less Than Lethal Home Defense. Ever stare into 140 lumens at about 10-15 feet? It's slightly disorienting....now imagine hundreds of times that power, and you have this beast of a flashlight. At that light output level, it can induce immediate vertigo and up to a half hour bout of nausea. In other words, it'll put an intruder on the floor, hard. If the intruder gets stupid enough to get close, just press it into them and let the heat do the work....extremely few people respond with anything but a flight response to being burned. It's no replacement for giving a violent home intruder the gift of lead and copper, but it'll do in the situations that such a violent solution is unwarranted.
  2. If they wanted to compare based on the length of a session....then compare based on that same time chain-smoking. Seriously, I usually get 20-30 puffs on my hookah per hour. I don't sit there and breathe through the hose or any thing of that sort.
  3. The 36 cigarettes comment is simply bogus....that at the least needs to be removed. If they don't remove it, then take the time to find all the fallcies and distribute your own pamplet about doing your own research instead of listening to propoganda. The harm it will cause their agenda will possibly get them to tell the truth. Just be sure not to say anything slanderous about them, just point out that there is plenty of non-facts within their document and it's best to do your own research. Just because it's the accepted answer doesn't mean it's the truthful answer.
  4. Finally, something out of the Oval office this year I can completely agree with!
  5. No offense, but I wouldn't take a Bimmer if it was free. The maintenance schedule and prices on the parts is absolute murder. I like my Intrepid.....Tires, all four, OEM specs, $280...if I want sporty tires, make it $400. Battery: $40.
  6. Yeah, it stunk the place up something fierce. Oh well, the living room carpet is already toast thanks to a few incidents earlier in my noobie hookah days. The couch isn't a keeper anyways, the rear frame is busted but somehow doesn't sag. Either way, it's being broke down and trashed when I move....so no real loss.
  7. Brass is a bitch to keep looking great, but they do make for the most beautiful pieces when upkeep is correct. My brass Glyph finally had it's downstem die...but guess what? I love the thing to much, that I'm going to fix the downstem. I'm still looking for the correct brass stock, but when done.....oooh baby! My theory on brass is since it has a higher thermal conductivity than steel, it cools the smoke more. I could be wrong, but my hookah seems to smoke cooler than my friends' hookahs, which are all stainless steel.
  8. Hey! My hookah has that exact coal tray! Be sure that tray is crimped tight to the stem, otherwise coal dumpage may occur. To remove the paper towel, get a dowel rod from a hardware store that's small enough to fit in the stem...say about 1/2 to 2/3rds the inner diameter of the tube. As a bonus, when you have it cleared, you can just drill the end of the dowel and stick a nylon bristled brush on it, boom stem brush. Get some pipe cleaners, the kind with scrubbers in it for cleaning the hose/purge ports....they really do help. Practice packing your bowls, and if the hookah is smoking in any less than two minutes, you're going to burn the shisha...once that bowl gets to temp, you'll be running too hot.
  9. Two days ago I dropped a coal, it managed to get between the couch cushions, then kept breaking in pieces when I tried to grab it....it burnt through the couch into the carpet underneath. I was less than amused.
  10. Nah, the MSDS is a formalized document, usually at least two pages. The Quadrant is for labelling and quick reference uses (such as spills/fires). The forms are more for the employee health and safety guys so they can keep track of the amounts of dangerous goods in any given area. The Quadrant is what you see at the workplace books, the document is what's kept on the computer or in a filing cabinet near the book of quadrants. I've spent enough bored workplace hours in that filing cabinet to know what the real deal looks like...forgot all the fields though, but it tells quite a bit. It makes an ingredients list look like cliffs notes.
  11. Your thinking of the quadrant label. The full MSDS lists the compounds in use, how much of it is present, and other relevant info. The quadrant label is just part of the info.
  12. Smartbutts. It's a Material Safety Data Sheet....you usually get these when buying stuff for commercial use, it indicates what substances are of note in it, the ones of major interest are the combustible agents and oxidizers. It might explain why some coals smoke and smell more when igniting than other coals.
  13. Just wondering....I'm curious about some of the chemicals in the coals, especially quicklights and japanese style coals....so I was wondering if anyone who's tried to get an MSDS from a manufacturer has had any luck. Thanks.
  14. He sounds both uneducated and slightly arrogant. At the least his dept head should know that he's making threats. He choice in words was unacceptible. I wouldn't say threaten his job, but to take the moral high ground and suggest he gets some education on customer service and assertive speaking.....possibly see if he can learn some more about hookah as well. Offer up some good resources on this to his dept head that may be forwarded to him and the dept as a whole so they can better understand what this crazy contraption is. Assertive speaking is where one explains their side in a understandable, non-threatening manner. Proper assertive speech can prevent situation escalatation as well as sometimes even calming a heated situation. This is something every man, woman and child on this earth should learn. Too many people see a pipe with water filtration then equate it with an NHT device.
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