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  1. The text was taken directly from the bill. It says all flavored tobacco, and it sounds like it will affect chewing tobacco (incl snus, dip, and chew) as well as shisha....let's hope it does not. I did a search but couldn't find any other info...but it WAS passed into law as of today. I'm so ashamed of obama right now.
  2. http://rpc.senate.gov/public/_files/L14S98...rol060109ac.pdf This bill passed today and President Obama signed it into law. I am suprised I haven't seen anything about this prior to yesterday. It was snuck in last minute from what I understood. Phillip Morris was a large supporter for this bill. I wonder how much it cost them to have it put into the bill. Looks like we have 3 months from TODAY to stock up on as much shisha as you can get your hands on. Look like my rent will be late, and I'm going hungry for the next two months. I hope that this is challanged by Shisha companies and Hookah lounges across the US. Oh yeah, Hookah lounges may have to close their doors and it would be illegal to have flavored tobacco...but hey, booze it up all you want, just don't have any flavor in your tobacco. I guess I'm gonna have to learn how to make my own shisha. Please see page 4. This bill will most likely BAN all shisha on the market in the USA, land of the "free".Tobacco Product Standards and Menthol Exception: The bill establishes new standards for tobacco products that restrict the additives that can be included in cigarettes. Beginning three months after the date of enactment, cigarettes cannot include characterizing flavors except menthol. This is an important exception because menthol is the most widely used flavoring in cigarettes (accounting for more than one-quarter of the market) and menthol-flavored cigarettes are the most popular product for African-Americans.9\
  3. acolon_5

    Hookah Just Came In!

    The ball might be an extra ball bearing for the purge valve. If your hose adaptor has a screw in it then the ball might be an auto seal as someone else suggested, but that doesn't make much sense for a 1 hose.
  4. acolon_5

    Best Natural Coals?

    My wife is highly allergic to coconuts so we are unable to try that one out. We love the natural orangewood coals though. A big chunk of that on the bowl won't overheat it as long as it is moved every now and then and they last so increadably long. No bad taste, no bad smell, and best of all no headache even with longer smoking sessions. My only complaint is that you really almost need a saw to break those bad boys up. It took me about 40 minutes to break up the kilo bag into useable pieces. Still good price, good coal.
  5. acolon_5


    Al Fakher Watermelon Setup: Mya Vertex, room temerpature water, Mya Bowl, 3 kings coal, metal screen. Smell: smells strong, almost candy like Cut: Red + Wet Wet Wet, few small stems Smoke: dense, thick, white clouds Buzz: More than expected, I smoke cigs on a daily basis, but was quite suprised that this buzzed me more than unwashed tobacco. Flavor: First 10 minutes the taste/smell was overpowering... I mean this was like jolly rancher powerful, after 10 minutes it calmed down to a very pleasant watermelon flavor. Longevity: I smoked for a little over an hour, it is waiting for round 2. Overall: 8/10 Very nice once the flavor calmed down. I think I like a little less flavor overall though.
  6. acolon_5

    Maryland Smokers Md

    live in Silver Spring MD Work in Rockville MD Visit Fredrick (new market) MD 2x month
  7. acolon_5

    Dried Tobacco Leaves?

    N Rustica (aka Jungle Tobacco) can be bought at bouncingbear.com for relativly cheap. I frequently add some of it to my shisha to add a little more of a kick. I don't know if it would make a good shisha on it's own, but I would highly advise to wash it first....the nicotine content is through the roof.
  8. QUOTE (acolon_5 @ Dec 2 2008, 03:11 PM) I just wanted to let everyone know my wife and I settled on the Mya Vertex. It arrived yesterday and we are in love. Not only is it beautiful, but it smokes like a dream. Now I just have to learn how to pack and smoke the ton of tangiers I ordered and I'll be good to go. Thanks again everyone! Yup, just tried my first tangiers packed phunnel bowl last night. Passionfruit, acclimated for 24 hours, and packed quite hard (as described in numerous posts). It smoked wonderfully! My only small complaint is that the flavor was a tad weak, oh and it is going to take 3-4 sessions to finish off that bowl.... 3-4 hours??? does that sound right? Like I said though, My wife and I are thrilled with the Vortex.
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know my wife and I settled on the Mya Vertex. It arrived yesterday and we are in love. Not only is it beautiful, but it smokes like a dream. Now I just have to learn how to pack and smoke the ton of tangiers I ordered and I'll be good to go. Thanks again everyone!
  10. acolon_5

    Jewels Sample

    I'll let you know when it comes in. I suspect it is going to be a while.
  11. acolon_5

    Jewels Sample

    I dunno, I really like their peach and mixed berry. The flavor is light, not overpowering like many brands. The smoke is thick and pleasant, and they taste like actual fruit was used. I've smoked some shisha that tasted like it just came from the lab.
  12. Blackberry Pie-Rosetta Honey - Al Waha Mixed / Tropical Fruit -Jewel Peach-Jewel Pomegranate -Rosetta Melon / Cantaloupe - Hated all I have tried Granted I have not tried buy 4 brands and 10 flavors, but these are the ones I have really enjoyed smoking. I was actually thinking of creating a post about this very topic, glad to see someone beat me to it and I was able to find it!
  13. acolon_5

    Tis' A Sad Day

    Beeswax is a quick fix, but I'm sure there are some adhesives that you can use for a more permenant patch.
  14. acolon_5

    Jewels (Formerly Kamal)

    Peach Hookah used, Brass bowl, screen, and base, wood stem. One large 3 kings coal and 2 -1/2 finger coals were used (we have found this to work best with the brass screen). This is thick and gooey tobacco. Smells pleasantly like peach. Smoke: medium thick clouds Taste: not too strong, not too weak. Very nice taste and smell. Burn time: we added coals at the end and had great smoke 1 h 10 minutes into the session, the smoke became harsh after than and was extinguished. This is one of the better brands I have tried. 8/10
  15. acolon_5

    Rosetta Review

    Blackberry Pie Hookah used, Brass bowl, screen, and base, wood stem. 2 small quick lites. 1 in the middle and the other broken into 4 pieces and place around the outer rim of the bowl. It’s RED! It smells quite good even before I open it, not like blackberry pie, but really good nonetheless. Once we got it going the flavor and taste was incredible! This is my favorite flavor to date. The smoke really does taste like a blackberry pie! Small buzz, but if we really want that we just add some N. Rustica or Mapcho tobacco to the mix, the nicotine content of a few leaves of that is more than enough for a serious laydown session without altering the flavor. We enjoyed this flavor very much. 10/10 Pomegranate Same set up as above Smells good, tastes good, smokes for a good hour. No complaints, tastes like pomegranate! 9/10 Mellon Same set up as above In the bag it smells a little off. Smells like a synthetic ester, very chemical-like. A full bowl is set up. This stuff is horrible… I can only stand to smoke for a few minutes. I feel sick to my stomach and my wife is not looking so well herself. Tastes overpoweringly like melon, but again, the flavor is not quite right. We were unable to continue smoking and the hookah had to be cleaned out thoroughly. Worst flavor tasted to date. 0/10